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ANDROMEDA Definitive Collection


Regular readers of Wondrous Stories should recognise the name of former Atomic Rooster, John Du Cann…As you would expect with the era and the technology available some of the material is quite basic but considering these restrictions Andromeda come across extremely well. Some of the guitar is so cool and laid back you could close your eyes and dream of all the good music you’ve missed over the years. Well there’s no need with record companies like Angel Air around, so willing to put their necks on the block and reproduce so much good rock that was all too often destined for dusty shelves.

If you enjoy that late 60′s early ’70s rock you’ll not go wrong here…

Martin Hudson, Wondrous Stories, (February 2000)

1969 was a pivotal year for rock, with psychedelia trailing off, prog-rock gathering speed and classical music – mainly via The Nice – also making its presence felt. Cult trio Andromeda, regulars on John Peel’s radio show, were at the apex of all three styles with their only LP…turned into one of the great “lost” albums of the 60s.

Colin Shearman, Q, (March 2000)

Put together by band leader John Du Cann…and featuring a lavishly designed 12-page booklet, The Definitive Collection is a must-have for anybody interested in exploring the deeper roots of prog rock as it moved out of the London psychedelic underground…

Jo-Ann Green, Goldmine, (April 2000)

The group’s sole, self-titled album and attendant non-LP single for RCA are collected along with various contemporaneous demos and out-takes, live recordings and a fine November 1968 session for John Peel’s Top Gear radio show…the RCA album and single muscular, inventive hard rock performances that deserve their stellar reputation among fans of the late psychedelic crossover sound.

John Sturdy, Record Collector, (April 2000)

If prog/psyche is what you want then look no further as the authentic stuff is here.
A goody.

Feedback (April 2000)

This fine double set from a band of late-1960s heavy progressives…shows exactly how the re-issue job should be done to best effect…this is superior stuff…Especially if you relish having your music reproduced in such a carefully crafted manner.

Michael Heatley, Feedback (May 2000)

…one of the most fascinating achievements of the progressive era.

Fists In Pockets (Poland) (April/May 2000)

…the be all and end all of what’s what, and who’s who with regard to Andromeda…What’s amazing about this album is the sound the band had. Very much prog…a lot of the material was highly original and very much heading towards where Zep were to go in later years…on the whole it’s quite an education, and very surprising.

Modern Dance Issue 32 (December 2000)

…Honestly, some of these UK imports make some U.S. releases look like a joke. Angel Air’s packaging convinces you, the purchaser, that you’re getting something special, and you are…This is one of the better releases I’ve heard in some time…A true psychedleic heaven with plenty of brilliant guitar work. Includes a nifty 12-page booklet where Du Cann speaks of touring with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Oooooh, those were the days, I’m sure.

Mike Reed, Banzai (USA, October 2002)

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