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0706, 30th Anniversary Concert DVD

RACING CARS 0706, 30th Anniversary Concert DVD


Always a great live band, the band packed out this 30th anniversary show and offer a timely reminder of both the strength and weaknesses of a classy live outfit who topped the charts almost in spite of themselves…Complete with crowd and band interviews and a musical prequel from an excellent male voice choir, this is almost as much a celebration of Welshness as the band itself.

Pete Feenstra, (October 2006)

This DVD captures their 30th anniversary concert at Pontardawe Arts Centre in July 2006, and it’s a document of one of Wales’ most underrated rock outfits. The 16 tracks here show a deeply impressive performance, with all five members giving a hometown audience their all.

James McLaren, BBC Wales (November 2006)

It preserves their 30th anniversary concert, a 16-song show that meanders through a career that was a lot longer than the chart books let on…

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine, April 27 2007

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