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THE KORGIS Unplugged


The hits are here with ‘If I Had You’ adapting well to the acoustic mode whereas ‘Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime’ lacks the big production values for me. ‘That’s What Friends Are For’ and ‘Lines’ would easily sit on daytime radio. (February 2006)

Recreating hits like Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime on three acoustic guitars (with a hint of piano) takes them to a simple, beautiful level often not immediately apparent in their earlier incarnation…A stylish songbook from two of Britain’s vastly underrated artists.

Maverick (April 2006)

…by simply unplugging their guitars and creating sumptuous new arrangements, The Korgis breathe such new life into these golden numbers that it’s amazing how fresh they all now sound…Although it may look like just another best-of package, Unplugged actually walks The Korgis to brand new heights. A must for all fans

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (May 26, 2006)

…the vocal harmonies on ‘If I Had You’ are wonderful and well worth hearing…Of course it will be to ‘Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime’ that most people will turn, and the version here is truly beautiful.

Feedback (May 2006)

The acoustic versions of this simply structured, accessible songs, though a bit thin, make the songwriting shine with its bits of wittiness (such as those found on “Cold Tea,” “Dumb Waiters” and “Perfect Hostess”). (5.5/10)

Avi Shaked, Maelstrom (May 2006)

…there are some excellent harmonies as a feature of the music, and the instruments are always impeccably played…

Classic Rock Society (June 2006)

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