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RAY RUSSELL A Table Near The Band


…contains many of the trademarks that have made him a leading figure on the jazz rock scene.

Classic Rock Society (June 2008)

The musicianship is as high calibre as one would expect, and the pieces shifting moods and styles keep listeners’ attention riveted. A thoroughly enjoyable set.

Jo-Ann Greene, (June 2008)

The album is, well amazing to be honest, the last jazz album that made such an impression on me was Allan Holdsworth ‘Sand’.

7 tracks of frankly amazing guitar work from a band that are obviously enjoying the moment and putting in a solid performance…

Amplifier, Issue 99

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RAY RUSSELL The Composer’s Cut


Largely orchestrated, or with keyboards, while others are more jazzy or blues; the tracks are often moody and atmospheric. Music appears here from shows including Frost, Plain Jane, Diamond Geezer, A Bit Of A Do, My Wonderful Life, Remembering 911, The Quest and others…Well packaged and annotated. ***

Joe Geesin, (April 2006)

…marvelous tracks, the majority of which combines classical music and jazz influences into subtle, gentle movements; one is plainly witty (“A Bit of a Do”); and a few others, such as the bluesy “The Blue Room,” provide a wider glance into Russell’s all-around musical territories.

Maelstrom (June 2006)

There are 21 different pieces here…show the diversity of his work

Feedback (July 2006)

Take a trip down memory lane with this collection of TV themes that have all been blessed with the magical musical touch of Ray Russell.

Hartlepool Mail (July 2006)

It’s an impressive body of work spanning the period 1982 to 2005 and the sheer variety of melody and sounds in this collection confirms Ray Russell as one of the foremost UK composers working in television.

George Geddes, Pipeline (August 2006)

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A gentle album, one that could almost be dismissed as being ‘New Age’, but that would be unfair as there is some beautiful music on here…

Feedback (November 2004)

…arranged with meticulous attention to texture and featuring exquisite playing from musicians of the calibre of former Miles Davis aranger/keyboard player Gil Evans.

Classic Rock Society (November 2004)

It’s too intrusive and insistent to be ambient; too ethereal to be considered fusion by its more traditional definition; and too structured to be jazz…Why Not Now rests comfortably on the edge of all…Angel Air’s series of Russell reissues is a welcome effort which, if there’s any justice, ought to bring his name to broader visibility.

John Kelman All About Jazz (January 2005)

…comprises mood pieces, arranged with meticulous attention to texture and eaturing exquisite playing from musicians of the calibre of former Miles Davis arranger/keyboard player Gil Evans, Van Morrison’s trumpeter Mark isham, Grease Band keyboard player Tommy Eyre and Jeff Beck drummer Simon Phillips.

Trevor Hodgett Blues in Britain (November 2004)

There are some busy synth harmonies and Russell’s guitar is restrained, adding colour and texture rather than in-your-face pyrotechnics.

‘Pour Me A Fish’ sums up this approach with its sweeping synth harmonies and reflective guitar melody topped with breathy panpipe synth. Lovely.

‘Blue Shoes – No Dance’ and ‘Lunday Island’ pits Russell’s plaintive acoustic against Hymas piano/synth whilst ‘The Pan Piper’ is more of an impressionistic piece. Four bonus tracks complete the proceedings, with ‘Snow (A Passing Phase) recalling Jeff Beck in his ‘Blow By Blow’ period.

Altogether this is an album that will repay your attention. It will be worth checking those guitar polls in future, or even influencing them if you can. Russell deserves a slot.

David Randall
(November 2004)

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It is a remarkably good piece of work. It’s definitely rock but with a very soulful and funky edge…The mixture of original material and covers is just about right…all in all this is a fine album well worth further investigation

Steve Ward, Classic Rock Society (March 2004)

…a dynamite set whose contents wander through a clutch of tight Russell originals, and onto visionary covers of “The Clapping Song” and Stevie Wonder’s “Living For The City.” Five bonus tracks, meanwhile, include two distinctly alternate versions of “The Clapping Song,” and a terrific “groove mix” of the album’s “Sweet Surrender.”

Jo-Anne Greene, Goldmine (March 2004)

It is very much an album of its time, with jazz rubbing shoulders with orchestration…there are times…where Ray shows himself in an extremely positive light…

Feedback (June 2004)

If you are looking for some nice guitar, then look no further…Ray’s guitaring is a pleasure to listen to…there are 24 musicians in all contributing to this splendid music…Music to time travel to!

Zaphod, Modern Dance (August 2004)

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