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MOUSE Lady Killer


…a classic progressive/psych rock album. It should certainly have received more attention at the time…The reissue includes four bonus tracks and id sure of a warm welcome.

Music Week, 23.05.05

With more credits to his CV than most can dream of, Russell can play most styles. This set is more toned down yet more solid than Running Man. It’s a fine slice of mid 70s rock/pop, with some decent tunes along the way. There’s even a hint of reggae in the moving “All The Fallen Teen-Angels”.

Although much of the booklet replicates that of Running Man (well, Russell’s biog was pretty similar at the time), with four bonus tracks it’s a good package and for fans very welcome on CD. ***

Joe Geesin, (April 2005)

…lots of influences can be heard from Black Sabbath to Jimi Hendrix…if you want to revisit the psychedelic 60s you might like this…

Classic Rock Society (July 2005)

…The material is song oriented with a groove that is both precise and mighty, rooted in hard rock trends but taken further by the creative band… (July 2005)

…highly enjoyable..some excellent performances…well worth checking out

Zeitgeist, (July 2005)

…while very much a band of the times definitely had something going for them

Feedback (August 2005)

Electric Lady and We Can Make It had ‘hit’ written all over them…it sounds as though the guys in Mouse had a great time recording Lady Killer…a unique lost treasure from the early 70s worth investigating.

Classic Rock Magazine (January 2012)

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