This has been a labour of love over the past couple of years for Robin George as he has assembled a set of top draw musicians and vocalists to appear on this charity album. Before you even mention the guest musicians, the LovePower Band itself features such names as Pete Haycock (Climax Blues Band/ELO Part 2), M People’s Jacqui Williams and respected saxophonist Mel Collins, who has worked with Bad Company, Camel and the Rolling Stones amongst many others.

The songs on here come from all of Robin George’s solo and band output to date including Life, Notorious, Damage Control and Marshall Law are present with ‘No Justice’, as Robin George produced one of their albums. Even those that are sadly no longer with us like David Byron, have their original vocal backed by a modern band recording.

Highlights? Being totally honest the whole damn album! But to cherry pick a few great top hear Pete Goalby (ex-Uriah Heep) again on ‘Mona Lisa Smile’. There is a mini-Fastway reunion on ‘Alice’ with ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke hooking-up again with UFO’s Pete Way – Spike of the Quireboys shares the lead vocal on this one with Robin.

There is a superb run through ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ where Robin is joined by Sean Harris (ex-Diamond Head) and Jacqui Williams (boy can she hit the high notes!). Former Mott The Hoople man Morgan Fisher and Conny Bloom (The Electric Boys) are amongst the backing musicians. ‘Seven Golden Daffodils’ is worth a listen for the sublime harmony vocal parts. Finally, ‘Heartline’, Robin’s biggest solo hit, gets a reworking with current Diamond Head vocalist Nick Tart singing on this one. At first it sounds very strange but it soon grows on the listener and gives the original a good run for its money.

A winner in two ways – a good resume of Robin George’s work to date and all the profits go to three worthy charities. *****/5

Jason Ritchie, (September 2011)

Charity albums are often an indulgence, where unwritten excuses are made for second rate performances, but this stuff is dynamite. An outstandingly good rock album in its own right. And for the casual fan, a highly entertaining voyage of discovery.

The Midlands Rocks (October 2011)

…it never sounds like a recycling, as Diamond Head’s Sean Harris breathes fire in LIFE’s ‘Cocoon’ and Jacqui Williams’ voice completely transforms old chestnut ‘Seven Golden Daffodils’.

DME Music Site (October 2011)

Most people will enjoy the album. It is a good thing that enjoyment is also giving a helping hand here. The album is a solid 4/5, the cause is a solid 5/5.

FESTIVALPHOTO (October 2011)

LovePower and Peace not only serves a good and noble cause, it is also a fantastic trip through an interesting mix of musical genres. From funky soul to bluesy rock and shoot-it-straight rock, the album offers a whopping 17 tracks oozing with originality and attitude. (October 2011)

All profits go to Compton Hospice, Wolverhampton, Haven House, Essex, and the Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies, and the album has such broad appeal there’s bound to be something on there you’ll like. So go buy a copy now.

John Tucker (October 2011)

‘LovePower and Peace’ really is a sensational release that deserves your attention, just as much as the charities involved deserve your donation.

Fireworks Magazine (January/February 2012)

The LovePower band is excellent, plus it includes Mel Collins (of King Crimson fame) playing some beautifully natural sax (I like his sound here better than on the King Crimson ProjeKct album I recently gutted). Some other groups featuring George add even rockier vibes to the album…Impressively good music for a good cause!

Gut Feeling Blog

…a fine charity album which transcends musical genres with effortless ease and must rank as one of the most attractive offerings that George has been involved with during the course of his long and varied career.

Kevin Bryan

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