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YOUNG BLOOD – Transfusion


This is a very enjoyable introduction to the songs of Stewart Goodchild and Young Blood and with comprehensive sleeve notes make for an excellent all round package (July 2011)

…if Stewart and his cohorts had only hung in there a little longer, and had the slightest bit of luck it would have been another story (July 2011)

…an interesting little package featuring the work of a sincere and evidently talented young British musician

Fireworks (Sept/Oct 2011)

The NWOBHM era was a fecund time for British rockers, and inevitably some gems got lost in the gold rush – count Young Blood in that group…back in the day, their only album never quite got released. Thanks to Angel Air, it has been now – along with all the tracks off their First Blood EP – and it’s a reet stonker, and no mistake.

Classic Rock Magazine (January 2012)

The Young Blood section has a slightly rougher edge than the Survivor one, with simple yet effective guitar work by Goodchild. The songs have a typical, radio friendly rock flavor, with catchy lyrics that are brought to life by a confident vocal delivery.

The Survivor album is even catchier.

Maelstrom Ezine

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