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It’s great that this guy is finally coming into his own here…because he has so much to offer. He writes cool smart pop tunes…has a great knack for coming up with super smart arrangements…and he has an excellent voice.

Mark’s cool spirit and style come across crystal clear…making Inside Out a superb listening experience for fans of pure classic pop. (June 2011)

Healey certainly channels his Badfinger background, writing Beatlesque compact, infinitely catchy pop tunes… (June 2011)

If it is polite and reasonably simple rock music that you are looking forthen there’s no doubt that the …well crafted melodies and excellent musicianship will be for you…

Fireworks (Sept/Oct 2011)

Since 1986 bassist Mark Healey has been a member of Badfinger and in a career that has lasted since the mid-’60′s, ‘Inside Out’ is his first solo album. Recorded in 2009, the album recaptures an earlier era perfectly with several tracks having Beatleseque qualities (‘Anything’, the Lennon like ‘Something’s About To Change’ and title track ‘Inside Out’ with its echoes of George Harrison).

There are several appearances on ‘Inside Out’ by fellow Badfinger member guitarist Joey Molland, including on album highlights such as ‘Don’t Know What Love Is’ and ‘Know Who You Are’- others include ‘Just A Matter of Time’ and ‘Anything’.

‘Inside Out’ is a well written and well produced album and having only initially being released in North America, it finally gets a full release courtesy of Angel Air.

Nikk Gunns, (August 2011)

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