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…Chris Spedding could be perceived as a British Link Wray…There’s the same punky menace in his solo hit ‘Motorbikin” that’s in the heart of this 14-track live collection… (June 2010)

…a no holds barred assault from start to finish that will definitely be a wet dream for any serious guitar player. For almost an hour the listener is made to feel like they’re right there in the crowd soaking up the electric spontaneity emanating from the stage… (June 2010)

On tracks such as ‘Walkin” and ‘Music Breakout’ , both recorded here in 1977, you can hear the influence that Spedding has had on not only the young punk guitarists, but also on a generation of post-punk players.

For a guitarist who’s solo career never really achieved the status it should have done, ‘Just Plug Him In’ is a good document to one of the UK’s most underrated players.

Nikk Gunns, (June 2010)

…one of the best and longest-serving guitars-for-hire in the business…Spedding’s expertly dispensed guitar pyrotechnics spark up contagiously…

Record Collector (July 2010)

Re-mastered from Chris’ own master tapes, with hand-picked tracks all played by one of the best, this really can’t fail to get your pulse rate jumping…

Jeff Perkins, Eurorock (July 2010)

…a no-holds barred assault from start to finish…For almost an hour the listener is made to feel like they’re right there in the crowd… (July 2010)

With 14 tracks this album stands the test of time and will earn a place in many music collections

Classic Rock Society (July 2010)

The highly regarded rock and jazz session guitarist is in sprightly form throughout…

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (October 2010)

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