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STRAY Live In Japan 2013


The momentum is sustained until the last note dies down, long after the recent ’1600 Pennsylvania Avenue’ bares the band’s soft underbelly, and ‘Buying Time’ thrives on individual solos and a talkbox asking if the audience are all right.

Why shouldn’t they be if the performance is so powerful? That’s the spirit and the way to stray! (August 2014)

It’s testament to the band that the new material stands up alongside the oldies, ‘Harry Farr’ and ’1600 Pennsylvania Avenue’ in particular have all the hallmarks of Stray classics as the band roar through their blistering set.

Rock ‘n’ Reel magazine (July 2014)

‘After The Storm’, starting with a bit of improv, this track gets better the longer it goes on, numerous tempo changes, touches of Hendrix and plenty of room for bassist Robbie Stewart-Matthews and drummer Karl Randall to shine.

Classic Rock Society (July/August 2014)

If you still haven’t checked out what Stray are all about then this is a fine starting point. The converted will find that this is the best live album from the band’s long career. (March 2014)

This is a highly recommended live set for any fan of the band or British hard rock in general. Guitar fanatics will have plenty to salivate over as Del Bromham gets into some serious six string theatrics throughout, and these songs are all instantly memorable. Another winner from the fine folks at Angel Air.

Sea Of Tranquillity (March 2014)

Overall, Japan’s first taste of Stray seems to go down well. This is a decent marker of where the band are right now … this is as good a point as any to rediscover the infectious energy and stomp of one of rock’s great survivors.

Get Ready to ROCK! (March 2014)

The current incarnation of Stray operate firmly within the power trio format, and this energised live set finds Bromham dipping into his illustrious back catalogue as they regale their Tokyo audience with a career spanning selection of tracks led by ‘After The Storm’, ‘Buying Time’ and ‘All In Your Mind’.

Kevin Bryan, Regional Newspapers (February 2014)

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STRAY – Valhalla


The roots of the band are preserved while adding a new hard rock sound… (October 2010)

…pure, unadulterated hard rock (October 2010)

…an incredible collection of catchy up to the minute material… (October 2010)

…Valhalla features twelve scorching tracks played by musicians who put many a contemporary hard rock band to shame… (October 2010)

…this disc just might be their best one to date…the songs are killer, the production is great, and Del and the boys are definitely firing on all cylinders. (October 2010)

Mature playing, mature issues addressed in lyrics, mature production with space for the material to breathe… (November 2010)

Combining unique melodies and arrangements with hard rock licks… (November 2010)

…a polished and musicianly package.

Kevin Bryan, Kidderminster Shuttle (November 2010)

There’s always a danger that a ‘vintage’ band coming back for another shot at glory will end up more like your dad dancing at a wedding than a slick rocker, but with ‘Valhalla’ Stray have proven they can still throw shapes with the best of them

Fireworks (December 2010)

… While some may call Valhalla a comeback record, if anything I think it proves that there is still quite a bit of gas left in the tank, because this disc just might be their best one to date …

… Chock full of Bromham’s trademark guitar riffs and wah wah drenched solos…

…it certainly feels like everything fell into place this time around because the songs are killer, the production is great and Del and the boys are definitely firing on all cylinders. (January 2011)

The finished product is well worth an hour or so of anyone’s time…

Kevin Bryan, various regional papers (January 2011)

…impressive return to form. It has passion, fire, intensity and anger…

Classic Rock magazine (March 2011)

Valhalla is the new album by the longtime running Stray…it certainly sounds fresh and fits into the 21st century with its modern production and comparatively grinding rhythms. It’s a rocking effort, from start to finish, and one that should please any fan of classic, hard rock.

Avi Shaked, Maelstrom ezine (2010)

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STRAY – New Dawn/Alive and Giggin’


Funky bass lines, choppy rhythms and cheerful avoidance of formula create both studio and live CDs that keeps interest all the way through. (May 2010)

Angel Air’s 2 CD set of these two rarely heard rock albums are a good chance to catch up on the Stray legacy. (May 2010)

From the grand opening of “Dawn Rising” and the subsequent title track through the catchy “Maybe You Want Me” to material like the melodic 60′s pop/70′s rock hybrid of “The Man In My Head” and the excellent chugging hard rocker “No Future”. In short, there’s more than enough quality to remind not only of Stray’s appeal but their variety too.

Making this reissue even more enticing is the coupling with a live recording of similar vintage as “New Dawn”. Offering some familiar Stray you are reminded of perhaps why there was, and indeed still is, a demand for the band’s return. 3.5/5

Bill Leslie, (May 2010)

New Dawn presents progressive pop with a focus on Bromham’s tasty guitar licks while Alive And Giggin’ presents the band playing live in England in 1996… (June 2010)

All in all I find the live album most interesting; and the studio disc is a piece of Brit rock history (June 2010)

…a must have for fans everywhere…provides a trademark ‘in your face’ live gig and a solid return to studio recording.

Jeff Perkins, Eurorock (June 2010)

Deadly riffs keep pouring out throughout this release… (September 2010)

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