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High quality blues rock and no mistake. With any luck this will lead to some live shows and a second album. ****

Jason Ritchie, (October 2009)

The songs here are slick and melodic with their roots heavily in the blues rock scene of the 70′s…

Sea of Tranquility (November 2009)

The CD certainly rocks…The main appeal here is George’s strong guitaring

E-Gear (November 2009)

…a real solid and enjoyable slab of hard rock from beginning to end

Ryan Sparks, (November 2009)

With members of the band belonging to a back catalogue comprising of the likes of Robert Plant, UFO and Uriah Heep…It’s worth the wait

The Mayfair Mall e-zine (January 2010)

Wow, what a line-up this is!…Putting their album Raw into your CD player is like lighting blue touch paper and not having the sense to retreat back at a safe distance

Jeff Perkins, Eurorock blog (January 2010)

If you have spent any time whirling your sweat drenched locks until catherine wheels of droplets sparkled in the strobe of an otherwise dimly lit beer sticky rock club floor, this is an album for you. If you cannot help finger imaginary chords during guitar breaks or throw your head back and mime rock god wails as you listen to your old LPs, then this album is for you.

This album is an immaculately produced example of the genre. It is well written, well performed and well recorded. It holds no surprises and it breaks no new ground. If you think you might like this album you probably will.

TNT Audio (February 2010)

Raw has its peaks – you can imagine the swagger of Savage Song blowing the roof off a rock club…

Classic Rock (March 2010)

Raw, brutal and cruel does NOT mean that the band loses all sense of melody… (March 2010)

…heavy, blues-inspired hard rock, full of stomping rhythms and fuzzy, overdriven guitars. Not totally unlike ZZ Top, but perhaps more updated and modern. (April 2010)

A supergroup somewast made up of Drummer, Chris Slade (ex-AC.DC, Asia, Uriah & Heep); Vocalist/Guitarist, Robin George & Pete Way (of UFO).

It’s old 70′s rock to be honest with you with some decent songs on offer like the racin’ ‘Savage Song’ the bluesy ‘One Step Closer’ that puts me in mind of Ted Nugent & ZZ Top with its dirty fuzzed guitar sound or the meat and potatoes slidin’ blues of ‘Slaughtered’ a cool cover of ‘Seven Golden Daffodils’ and the closing corker ‘Bitchin Blues’. 8.5/10

Glenn Milligan, (June 2010)

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