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FREEDOM Is More Than A Word


“…Angel Air have keenly reissued the album with their usual eye for detail, expansive sleeve notes and interesting pics!”

Norfolk & Suffolk Preview (November 2000)

…for those who still enjoy British blues rock as purveyed by Cream and their many followers it’s superior stuff and a worthwhile buy.

Record Buyer (February 2001)

…the fact that the original LP is rated at £100, it’s more than welcome for fans. Mixing blues-rock, funk, and gentle piano-based 70s pop, the atmosphere is very upbeat…although, sadly, Freedom never made the first division of British rock, this quality package is well worth checking out.

Joe Geesin, Record Collector (February 2001)

…a triumph of heavy blues rock and psychedelic pop which brought favourable comparisons with the likes of Cream and Led Zeppelin, and justifiably so…by the time of this release Freedom had abandoned their hard blues driven approach for a funkier, more soulful sound…

Steve Ward, Wondrous Stories (February 2001)

…a classy rhythm and blues album. This isn’t really rocky, isn’t really pop – and doesn’t get into the really heavy R & B territory…As the sleeve notes say, this album is very much a child of its time. the band’s sound is very much fixed in the late sixties/early Seventies alongside the likes of Cream and Jimi Hendrix…If you like your rock raw and bluesy, then check this out. The middle five tracks will please you. As for the rest – well, they are there, make up your own minds!

Frank Blades, Rockhaven (February 2001)

While fans of the band’s earlier epic productions might find themselves twitching uncomfortably as the guitars blare and the swamp snakes squiggle, this might well be Freedom’s finest album

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (January 2001)

…another career ending benchmark, this time from 1972…A mixed bag of delights

Colin Bryce, Mohair Sweets (March 2001)

Angel Air have made a tremendous work with the reissues…Fantastic heavy blues based rock with great vocals and excellent guitar work

Record Reviews (web)

Angel Air put out another undiscovered gem from the late 60s/early 70s British scene…All trademarks of the 70′s heavy rock scene (standout guitar playing, awesome vocals, excellent rhythm section, hippie attitude etc) can be heard…Great riffs, moods and even the use of congas make the album a standout release…

Psychedelic Fanzine (August 2001)

…Angel Air have done it again in finding another excellent album from the dark forgotten past…

Modern Dance (November 2001)

Suggesting his future recordings with Snafu, Harrison pushes the sound in a funky, rhythmic direction on the pulsating eight-minute instrumental ‘Brainbox Jam’. Aspiring to singer/songwriter status, Saunders leads the group through the sweeping piano ballads ‘Direction’ and ‘Dream.’

Discoveries (January 2005)

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