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…They cut a fine, if occasionally workmanlike, album together…with eight previously unreleased tracks bolstering the nine original cuts (including a Peel session, a live performance, and a clutch of demos), British Lions emerge a lot stronger than memory likes to make them out…

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (July 2000)

I haven’t played my vinyl copy of British Lions for quite some time and I’d forgotten just how good an album it is. From the opening adrenaline surge of One More Chance To Run to the humourous closer Eat the Rich…theis album features great songs and great playing and quite possibly is the strongest post MTH album featuring Messrs Watts, Griffin,Fisher and Majors. A lot of that was down to the great songwriting of the new secret ingredient, John Fiddler, of course….

As well as great songs this album also contains some marvellous performances that highlight the instrumental power of this band…

In addition to the album’s original nine songs there are 8 previously unreleased bonus tracks…

The set comes complete with a sixteen-page booklet…sound quality is excellent…this release is long overdue.

Two Miles From Heaven Issue 2

…The secret to enjoying The British Lions album is to try and forget that three fifths of the group were once members of arguably one of the best English power-glam groups of their time, Mott The Hoople…The playing is superb…The liner notes are complete and the original albums’ nine tracks are augmented by an additional eight, live/John peel and demo tracks. Mott fans will want to add this to their collection and glam aficionados should take note as well. Something of an undiscovered rough gem.

Jeff Monk, Mohair Sweets (November 2000)

They purveyed a hard eged yet melodic Power Pop/Soft Rock all accompanied by inspirational and very memorable riffs…an album of the finest quality Rock. By 1978 the British Lions were no more but this excellent album is a timely reminder of the fact that there was some fine traditional Rock around in the 70′s amidst the gob and the Oi!

Steve Ward, Wondrous Stories (March 2002)

Too early for its new wave touches, too late for its glam and classic rock background British Lions didn’t fare as well as it should have done…Its first time on CD, the album is bolstered by eight previously unreleased live and demo tracks, plus the usual Angel Air trimmings. Fans of the band and of rock from the time will certainly enjoy it.

Joe Geesin, Record Collector (May 2002)

…a raw, gritty rock album which still stands the test of time

Classic Rock Society (June 2009)

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