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BEAU Edge Of The Dark: Unreleased Recordings 1972-1985


To our ears, his music sounds something like a cross between Donovan and Bert Jansch…His songs are based around a simply strummed acoustic guitar and he has a nice, subtle, underrated voice…Damn, this guy is good 5/5 (March 2009)

…a wonderful disc of acoustic beauty. A potent talent too long neglected, Beau may now finally get his due.

All Music Guide (April 2009)

(John) Peel called him “a remarkable writer and performer”… (April 2009)

I have to admit that folk music generally doesn’t make its way into my regular playlists that often, but I’m definitely making it a point to keep Edge Of The Dark set aside for that next rainy Sunday

Ryan Sparks, (May 2009)

…a masterful guitarist on the twelve string, a subtly nuanced singer and a strong songsmith who, with few means, put enchantment into penetrating (or impressive) folksongs, which also point to underlying Blues/Rock moments. A valuable rediscovery!

Good Times, (Germany) May 2009

…we can appreciate someone who John Peel said was a outstanding composer – good to listen in all circumstances…This album is one to be listened to when you have time to think and let the pieces of the Jigsaw fall into place … Beau is undoubtedly an artist to rediscover and this is a first choice compilation that will undoubtedly please folk fans and other music lovers. (***1/2)

Yann Carduner, Highlands magazine (May 2009)

…a likeable folky album

Classic Rock Society (June 2009)

…an acoustic performer who plays a 12 string and makes a lot of his delicate voice, subtle and understated, with an ability to pen some good songs, the man never managed to reach the audience he deserved and here’s a chance to rectify that.

Amplifier, (July 2009)

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