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…the piano-sprinkled chorus of ‘Manhattan Horns’ can rival any of the group’s old-time songs, and the voices bear just the right dose of panache in the fusion flow of ‘Blue Movie Star’ that firmly sets the overall urban agenda. The pipes of Chris Thompson, drummer Clive Edwards’ FILTHY McNASTY boss, carry the nocturnal weight into the ‘City Life’ glitterball, where original bassist Steve Carman guests, yet the tinseltown effervescence is served best in the 8-minute-long ‘Motel Gypsy’ which marries vaudeville to funk running from below ‘Night Drivin” and lets celestial organ take it all to the higher level. (March 2015)

Guitarist Tym Scopes must have had some fun on ‘Cold Turkey’ – lots of penetrating guitar solos and a stretch! Get up and shake that ass! We get a rather short instrumental with ‘Air2Air’ – at the same time we get to hear some nice bass work from James Fox.

A heavy keyboard sound (courtesy of Roy Shipston) dominates throughout ‘Baby J’ – it is a number that rolls on like a song from a musical production, which is debatably a good way to end an album.

Music-News (October 2014)

If you want a prog album you just aren’t going to get it with Losing Ground. What you will get is retro sounding mostly mid-tempo rock that is catchy, classy and just easy to listen to. For a melodic rock album this one is a keeper.

Sea Of Tranquility (October 2014)

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