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TYLA GANG Live In Stockholm


Do yourself a favour and check out this release and then try to catch this band live if you can.

Classic Rock Society (September 2014)

…Tyla reformed the band with their original line-up in 2010, recording this energised live set in a Stockholm bar three years later, where he regaled his adoring audience with old favourites such as ‘Styrofoam’, ‘Dust On The Needle’ and ‘Hurricane’.

Kevin Bryan, Regional Newspapers (May 2014)

The relentless drive of ‘Suicide Jockey’ (great drum work by Michael Desmarais) and the thunderous, sonic blaze of ‘Hurricane’ once more prove that the Tyla Gang are one hell of a energetic live band that knows how to transmit this energy to their audience. Blistering solos, and a great vibe make this a fantastic live album, with the hilariously titled, stomping ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre Boogie’ the crowning glory of it all. Ka-pow!

Music-News (May 2014)

Live albums aren’t always the best introduction to a band, but if like me, you haven’t encountered Tyla Gang before, prepare yourself for a party of leg juddering, knee buckling, ear rejoicing proportions and really, what more could you need?

Sea Of Tranquillity (May 2014)

These twelve tracks sizzle with all the spontaneous excitement of a dynamic rock show played by professionals. The sound is big and the playing is super tight. Hard rockers included in the set are “Cannons Of The Boogie Night,” “Dust On The Needle,” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre Boogie.”

babysue (May 2014)

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