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DECKCHAIR POETS Searchin’ For A Lemon Squeezer


‘The inspiration behind this album is life in general, the fun side and the serious side.’ Lynden Williams

Fireworks Magazine (Sep/Oct 2015)

The liner notes from Lynden Williams state that this album is ‘riddled with seaside rock’ and that is a very good description. This is without a doubt, a fun summer album full of enjoyable melodies and optimistic and humorous lyrics. There is really nothing prog about Searching for a Lemon Squeezer. That said, if you are looking for entertaining pop music that includes performances by prominent prog musicians, then this is definitely the album for you.

Dutch Progressive Rock Page (August 2015)

At times, the rock presentation is innocent and rather naive in terms of its delivery, sometimes reminding me of some of the rocking glam acts of the 70s. You know the sort of thing, lots of wide-eyed lyrics, hand claps, reverb-laden vocals in the likes of the track, Quick Joey Small. Then there’s quirky moments from the likes of The Bus Goes On and We Like Tarts that reveals an album infused with humour and, shock horror, social commentary from the unlikely named title, Silicon Boobs.

Paul Rigby (The Audiophile Man) (July 2015)

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Deckchair Poets, fronted by Jerusalem’s Lynden Williams, is a fun, clever and versatile rock band. Deep Purple fans will find much joy in quite a few of the tracks, due to the classic rock inspired organ sounds (check out the keyboards on “Brown Trousers”) and delivery (and a bit of trivia: it was DP’s Ian Gillan who produced Jerusalem’s 1972 album); and while there’s also some old fashioned rock and roll in “One Ugly Child” and “You’re So Square (Baby I Don’t Care)” , the band manages to sound quite fresh and true to current times, by means of production and tones.

“Elephants, Not Ivory”, for example, is modern rock sounding in terms of both its electronic keyboard sounds and its guitar work…Who Needs Pyjamas? is a proficient, amusing listen, and in that aspect it’s a kind of album you don’t see much of these days (which earns it an extra point!). (8/10)

Maelstrom Zine (January 2014)

For those with a more prominent funny bone, Deckchair Poets could well be one of the surprise albums of the year!

Fireworks magazine (November 2013)

Ones who don’t take heed might latch onto the heavy funky message of “Brown Trousers” that catches the gist of the “if-then” conditional where AOR tropes suck on the Hammond meat and Ollie Hannifan’s axe bones with a side dish of mashed potato, brie and rubber duck, before serving a nu-metal clang with “Human Pie” filled with a harmony guitar. Such a bright feeling, helped by Nick D’Virgilio’s beat, swells in “Sunshine” and “Sunset Strip” whose romanticism can well be a parody of ’80s rock songs, yet it stands tall with the best of ‘em up to infectious synthesizer solos, as does the translucent, albeit angry, eco-jive of “Elephants, Not Ivory.” (November 2013)

‘Who Needs Pyjamas?’ is wonderful fun – musically great stuff and lyrically a real hoot – a refreshing, light-hearted treat to take the intensity out of every Prog fan’s day!

CDS Towers (August 2013)

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