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JOHN FIDDLER State Of The Heart


This album has been in the vaults for many years so this is the first time in a very long while that many folks will hear it. These tracks receive the (always impeccable) Angel Air remaster treatment…and will undoubtedly whet folks’ appetite for the rest of Fiddler’s solo catalog. Smart guitar-driven pop cuts include “Strong Heart,” “Time Will Tell,” “Sex in the 90s,” and “Where’s Heaven Now?” (April 2013)

…opener ‘Strong Heart’, as airily pompous as the ’80s production rules dictated, springs to life once Laurence Archer’s exquisite guitar and Duncan Mackay’s ivory vignettes decorate Fiddler’s sharp riffs to provide an exquisite casket for his youthful voice to flutter in.

Even the simplest pop cuts, such as the synth-skanking ‘Hearts Of Fire’ or the organ-riding ‘Only The Roses’, have a magnetic undercurrent to them, whereas the harmonica-aided ‘Everybody Has the Blues (Sometimes)’ and finale ‘Where’s Heaven Now’ see John back on the HEAD track.

That’s where his heart lay, obviously. A chameleon may change his colors but not his shape. A worthy addition to the Fiddler catalogue. ***4/5

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State Of The Heart is a musical slice of mood, emotions, and finely tuned texture and flavours. Enjoy with a glass of chilled rose and a box of bitter-sweet chocolates.

Claudia A,

Even with this album from 1991, Fiddler doesn’t have a problem convincing us with material he wrote during the late ’80s to 1991. The most convincing part of it is the music and the story behind each song which takes you on a free ride.

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