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McCOY – Think Hard…Again


McCoy is John McCoy, best known as the Big Bad Bearded Bass player with Gillan, plus fellow ex-Gillan member Colin Towns, Paul Samson (of Samson fame), Ron Rebel (Iron Maiden’s original drummer) and vocalist T-Bone Rees. The newly released CD, Think Hard…Again, was originally two albums, The Mini Album from 1982 and Think Hard from 1985. Musically we’re talking the sort of heavy rock you would expect from the musicians featured. A mixture of hard rocking tracks and ballads. Of particular note are Because You Lied (a song for Ian Gillan), which came out of the way McCoy and the rest of Gillan were treated when the band split, and a high energy version of the Fleetwood Mac classic Oh Well!.

Classic Rock Society

It’s not my kettle of fish, but then there are those who are
partial to the odd kipper

Sammy Jones, Metal Hammer

The music is surprisingly commercial heavy rock of a style that was quite popular in the early Eighties

Bernard Law, Wondrous Stories (October 2001)

The big bald bassist who made his name with Zzebra in the 70s and with Gillan at the turn of the 80s went solo in 1983 and produced two superb metal albums, featured on this package…With help from Gillan pianist Colin Towns…you get a pretty essential collection.

Record Collector (March 2002)

The music included here is classy early 80s NWOBHM with some Melodic Rock elements, not unlike Rage, UFO, Praying Mantis and Export…a great release by Angel Air Records, recommended to fans of classy British Melodic Rock.

Strutter magazine (July 2003)

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