THE UGLY GUYS Still Twenty-Five In Your Head

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THE UGLY GUYS Still Twenty-Five In Your Head


1. Rose Tattoo
2. Plains Of Mexico
3. Neon Sky
4. Uncle Billy
5. Wind Of Fate
6. Smooth Running
7. Late Great Golden State
8. Mean Ol’ Man
9. Beer Glasses
10. Where Did It Go wrong
11. White Line Fever
12. Still Twenty-Five In Your Head









THE UGLY GUYS fifth album “Still Twenty-Five In Your Head” and in the words of lead singer and frontman PAUL SHUTTLEWORTH “We’re Still rockin’ like we did back when we were 25!”

Paul and Vic had met in The KURSAAL FLYERS, Steve was with JERRY THE FERRET, Andy was with EDDIE & The BLIZZARDS and Bob was drumming with MICKEY JUPP’S band LEGEND. One thing they all had in common in the 70’s was their love of American country roots music which they had all begun playing their own versions of which later became known as “Pub Rock” in the UK.

The band name Ugly Guys comes from a much loved Kursaal Flyers song and the band formed back in 2003 with audience reaction to their fourth and most successful album to date 2013’s “Lost In The Badlands” being nothing short of ecstatic. Expect more of the same for the latest album.



Songs like the wistful country ballad "Neon Sky", the country and western nugget that is "Plains Of Mexico" featuring nice Spanish guitar, the downhome hoedown of "Uncle Billy" featuring some pretty mean banjo and tasty acoustic guitar and the pure country drawl of "Wind Of Fate", a heartwarming ballad, are decent enough tracks and make for pretty engaging country rock tunes.

Sea Of Tranquility (September 2015)

The Ugly Guys' version of 'White Line Fever' is decidedly different to the Merle Haggard original. Here, the song is far more richly textured and works very well as an ensemble piece. As for the second anthem - and the title song - it is an encouraging affair for all those oldtimers out there who refuse to grow old and still rock out on a regular basis. 'Still Twenty-Five In Your Head' - and who listening to this CD ain't still?

Music-News (July 2015)

Stand-outs include 'Neon Sky', Farrell's joyful title track, the thoughtful 'Where Did It Go Wrong' (by Shuttleworth's singer/songwriter son Harry) and a jumping take on Merle Haggard's 'White Line Fever'. Euphoric, combining the spirit of true country with the devil-may-care swagger that only Brits can manage.

Maverick Magazine (June 2015)

'Still Twenty-Five in Your Head' is the fifth album that The Ugly Guys have released since their formation in 2003 and it's arguably their finest offering to date, blessed with a batch of effortlessly tuneful gems led by 'Plains Of Mexico', 'Rose Tattoo' and 'Wind of Fate'.

Kevin Bryan, Regional Newspapers (June 2015)

...the quintet get down to 'Plains Of Mexico,' where Vic Collins shakes the dust with his mariachi strum-and-lace before Steve Oliver takes the strings to the bluegrass pastures of 'Uncle Billy' via a strange tempo bump and a Roanoke reference at the start of it. The ensemble aren't lost like that colony, though, and are led by pedal steel. It shimmers throughout and shoots through the twang and piano of 'Late Great Golden State' and the mellifluous cover of Merle Haggard's 'White Line Fever,' whereas 'Where Did It Go Wrong' has its bitterness sweetened with a funk riff underneath the melodic flow. (June 2015)



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