STACKRIDGE The Forbidden City

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STACKRIDGE The Forbidden City


1. Fundamentally Yours
2. Bacon
3. Grooving Along
4. The Volunteer
5. Syracuse The Elephant
6. Anyone For Tennis?
7. Wonderful Day
8. Ruth Did U
9. Friendliness
10. Dancing On Air
11. Fish In A Glass
1. Lummy Days
2. If I Had you
3. Teatime
4. Happy In The Lord
5. Help Under Doors
6. Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime
7. The Road To Venezuela
8. Can Inspiration
9. Goucho
10. Plimsoll
11. Something About The Beatles
12. Slark
13. Do The Stanley
14. Dora The Female Explorer


STACKRIDGE performed to a sold out audience in Bath, England during April 2007 as part of their commitment to touring the UK during that year. Angel Air were there to record this historic gig.

The gig whilst being memorable for them playing all their popular songs also heralded the return to live performances of MUTTER SLATER who had always in the past commanded audience attention and participation. The fans were not disappointed.

Classic English popular music.



...plenty of humour...and no little atmosphere. The crowd are responsive and appreciative, and it helps the band to some really good performances...

An entertaining release for most, pretty rivetting if you are already a fan.

Classic Rock Society (Dec 2007)

Warm as toast, the audience roars its approval, mums, dads, boys and girls, fired by nostalgia and the self-knowing absurdity of it all. Fans will love this. Metal fiends should stay well away, though ...

Peter Muir, (January 2008)

The arrangements are complex, yet the band takes it all easy, and vocal harmonies of the likes of 'Friendliness' hit the soft spot of even the hardened listener...

Let It Rock,

...a stunningly beautiful piece of work which takes their early 1970s work and recreates it to the full...The sound is just lovely, full and rich...The band doesn't put a foot wrong during 25 wonderful tracks...

Maverick (March 2008)

This fine 2CD set captures the musical delights of their 2007, an evening of classic English popular music...

Kevin Bryan, Mid-Sussex Chronicle (March 2008)

...the best Stackridge compilation you could imagine...

Goldmine, March 28 2008

Their music still quivers with creativity...A must-have set for all fans, young and old alike.

Jo-Ann Greene, (March 2008)

The band's blend of soft, breezy pop-rock infused with traces of Bonzo Dog wackiness, Beatle-esque harmonies and even the occasional folk flavour is represented best on the second CD...

RocknReel, April/May 2008

With their inspirational post-Beatles sounding pop,. Stackridge sound like they haven't missed a beat...performing a great mix of newer songs and vintage Stackridge.

20th Century Guitar (March 2008)

Due to the dedication of the experts at Angel Air the band's albums have been reissued in recent years. This enjoyable live album was recorded at Rondo Theatre in Bath on 1st April, 2007; there is also an accompanying DVD. As the band are still touring this is an excellent testament to their robust live sets.

The sleeve notes (which are littered with shots of the band on stage) come courtesy of Mike Tobin so it’s a good package. With 11 tracks on the first disc and 14 songs on the second there’s plenty of material, exhaustive but likable. This is really an essential purchase for fans but will probably not be of interest to newcomers.

Neil Daniels, Fireworks magazine (Issue 32)



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