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1. You
2. Guilty
3. Your Loss My Gain
4. World
5. Rock And A Hard Place
6. Little Sister
7. Shall I Lie
8. Lovepower And Peace
9. Seduction Song
10. I Want
11. Take Away My Pain
12. Don’t Call Me
13. Bluesong (live)
14. Cry Wolf (live)









ROBIN GEORGE is a multi skilled and highly gifted individual who is widely admired as one of the most gifted British guitarists, respected producer and prolific songwriter. He was in the studio working with his then band NOTORIOUS and FUZZBOX where in the next room recording, so he got to know VIX their lead singer.

He teamed up in 1990 with VIX (former lead singer of FUZZBOX who in the late 80′s had UK Top 20 single HITS with “International Rescue”, “Pink Sunshine” and “Self”). Together they created an AOR rock album that showcases their joint skills and attributes.

Two of the tracks on this album are in fact reworkings of two Fuzzbox songs “Your Loss, My Gain” and “You”

Two live tracks have been included on this release from NIA, Birmingham, England from the mid 90′s with their band The Promise.


Standout track of the album - in my humble opinion - is the live rendition 'Cry Wolf', a slow-burning, acoustic guitar affair during which Vix and Robin take turns on vocal duties. Beautiful and atmospheric, you can't help falling in love with this one.

Connoisseurs of slick and harmonious arrangements, as well as lovers of impressive vocal team works will agree there's plenty to like about on 'YOU'. (May 2012)

..."Don't Call Me" sees plastic pop sensibilities married to acoustic sensuality, while "Seduction Song" is a masterpiece demonstrating the guitarist's mastery of flamenco and the singer's passionate fire and lacks, perhaps, only castanets. This energy finds an outlet in two live tracks, among them folksy ballad "Cry Wolf", from the mid-'90s when Vix and Robin formed THE PROMISE: typically for George, the group didn't live long yet to have at all issued feels like an intimate gift now. ***

DME Music Site

...'Don't Call Me' is the most Fuzzbox sounding song on here with its synths. Even the lyrics take a very Fuzzbox direction. For a comparison think Garbage mixed with Vix's luscious tones.

Now onto the two live tracks which were recorded during the mid '90s at the NIA by their band The Promise: first up is 'Bluesong' which as its title suggests is a blues song. Which for me is good, but not great. However 'Cry Wolf' is fantastic. It is an acoustic song of pure bliss.

So in summing up, this album is really good, but for me Vix's new album 'Live in the Studio' could be her best yet...

Uber Rock

Robin has over the years worked with a hugely impressive list of AOR, rock and prog heavyweights; however in recent times the blues have been capturing his imagination, something that, even given that some of the album was laid down in 1990 with the rest coming together 2008, shines through strongly here.

...the songs are more stripped back, with the vocals of Robin and Vix starring alongside poised, fluid guitar work that elevates what could have been standard melodic rock and blues fare, into captivating, vibrant offerings.

Fireworks magazine (Sep-Oct 2012)



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