RACING CARS – 76-06 30th Anniversary Concert/Love Blind

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Racing Cars - 76-06 30th Anniversary Concert/Love Blind


’76-06 30th Anniversary Concert’
1. The Time Has Come
2. Billy
3. Down By The River
4. Downtown Tonight
5. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
6. On Days Like These
7. Baby Dirl
8. Moonshine Fandango
9. Up Against Trees
10. Had Enough Love
11. Lost Without You
12. Running Scared
13. Calling The Tune
14. They Shoot Horses Don’t They
15. Faith In You
‘Love Blind’
1. Are You Big Enough
2. Honeymoon In Babylon
3. Love Blind
4. Hot Day In June
5. Between Love
6. Take It To The Heart
7. You
8. Put Yourself In My Place
9. Tear Your Playhouse Down
10. Little Miss World
11. Troubled Soul

Most people’s introduction to their music came when the single ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They’ hit the UK Top 20 in 1977. Now a 2CD set from Racing Cars.

CD 1 was recorded live on a wonderful summers evening during July 2006 to a sell out crowd at Pontardawe Arts centre, in South Wales where the concert was also filmed for a DVD release.

CD2 is the first time this album from 1981 has ever been released on CD along with a newly recorded bonus track.

Racing Cars have plenty of laps left in them and as these two CD’s prove they remain one of the great
British bands touring today




Famed for their 1977 hit 'They Shoot Horses Don't They', the band continued for several years and retained a level of popularity, as this 2006 concert on disc 1 shows. Solid rock, if a little poppy, Morty's vocals a little husky. Recorded in south Wales, tracks from several albums get aired to much appreciation. 'Down By The River' is a little funky, good soulful 70s rock fare. Their hit goes down a storm too, and the recording quality is excellent.

The second disc is the album Love Blind, from 1981, and is released for the first time on CD...

A good package (as you'd expect from Angel Air), good music, this will please fans no end. ***

Joe Geesin, (March 2007)

A welcome return...for an underappreciated set, and a chance for fans to reacquaint themselves with a band that raced off far too soon. (April 2007)

A welcome return...for an underappreciated set, and a chance for fans to reacquaint themselves with a band that raced off far too soon.

Jo-Ann Greene, All Music Guide (April 2007)

This is no moonlighting performance but rather a highly professional one...Racing Cars sounds like a well oiled hits machine...

Love Blind...has a funky edge and, once again, relies on fine songcraft. 8/10

Avi Shaked, (May 2007)

With a rocky grit hidden in Gareth 'Morty' Mortimer's voice, the band still please the fans and casual listeners alike but don't dwell on the past, and half of the show, including two opening numbers, consists of the songs recorded this side of Millenium.

Dmitry M. Epstein, (May 2007)

The band's soulful brand of pub rock has withstood the test of time remarkably well and the inclusion of 'Love Blind' gives Racing Cars fans a heaven sent opportunity to fill a yawning void in their CD collections.

Kevin Bryan, Hartlepool Mail (April 2007)

It's all a bluesy, poppy, rocky blend of solidly good songs played by some of the finest of British musicians.

Martin Hudson, Classic Rock Society (May 2007)'s nice to hear their honed music pleasing the faithful...

RocknReel (June 2007)

...the live show is exhilarating...

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine, April 27 2007

With no filler material, "Second Wind", ready to fill the FM waves, is better than anyone could expect. And if anthemic "The Heart Of You" feels too cheesy against the rest, "Bolt From The Blue", a top-notch follow-up to the band's smash "They Shoot Horses", more than makes up for it. As a whole, the warm touch of the album can make your day. ****2/3 (October 2007)

Definitely well worth a listen, especially if you like 70s rock with modern production. ****/5

Joe Geesin (October 2007)



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