PHIL CORDELL Hearts On Fire Anthology

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PHIL CORDELL Hearts On Fire Anthology


1. I Will Return Springwater 1971
2. Red Lady-Phil Cordell 1969
3. Move A little Closer-Springwater 1980
4. Roadie For The Band-Phil Cordell 1973
5. Close To You-Phil Cordell 1973
6. Londonderry-Phil Cordell-vocal version 1973
7. Pumping The Water- Phil Cordell 1969
8. I Can’t Let Maggie Go-Riverhead 1974
9. Surfin Soul-Beachcombers 1970
10. Movie Star-Phil Cordell 1979
11. Lying Down The River-Phil Cordell 1979
12. Hearts On Fire-Phil Cordell 1979
13. Jinny Was A Rock’n’Roller-Phil Cordell 1979
14. I Will Return (vocal version)-Phil Cordell 1985
previously unreleased
15. Dan The Banjo Man-Dan The Banjo Man 1974
16. Madly-Phil Cordell previously unreleased
17. Everytime I Close My Eyes-Phil Cordell previously unreleased
18. Sooner The Better-Phil Cordell-previously unreleased
19. Heart Of Stone-Phil Cordell-previously unreleased
20. Julie-Phil Cordell previously unreleased
21. City Lights-Phil Cordell previously unreleased
22. No parking-Phil Cordell previously unreleased


PHIL CORDELL was an enigma. He was a multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer and was commercially successful in his own way and in his own terms, even though from the outside it might seem like it comes down to a pair of quirky HIT singles.

There was ‘I Will Return’, his 1971 UK Top 5 Hit by SPRINGWATER and ‘Dan The Banjo Man’ by DAN THE BANJO MAN which only just crept into Top 30 in UK but was a chart topper (twice) in Germany.

This anthology is compiled by guitarist RAY FENWICK who was a long time friend and brings together the heart of his solo work, from his first single to unreleased later tracks. Phil passed away tragically early 2007, aged 59, but his unique sound lives on, a sound that was very much of the 70’s but which reverberates with the history of rock’n'roll.


...the best of his solo work, from first single to a slew of unreleased later tracks

Amplifier (January 2009)



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