NINE BELOW ZERO Chilled/Refrigerator

£14.99 (GBP)
NINE BELOW ZERO Chilled/Refrigerator


CD1 Chilled
1. I Should Have Left It Up To You
2. Why Don’t You Try Me Tonight
3. Spanish Harlem
4. Why Can’t We Be Want We Want To Be
5. Egg On My Face
6. You Don’t Love Me
7. Loaded Gun
8. Ballard Of A Dombovar
9. White Boys Lost In The Blues
10. Bring It On Home To Me
11. How Sweet It Is (to be loved by you)
12. One Foot In Heaven, One Foot In Hell
13. Helen
14. Down By The River
15. Soft Touch
CD2 Refrigerator
1. Money Or The Man
2. We Rock The House
3. Wild Kicking Horse
4. Go Girl
5. Cinnamon Man
6. Tell Me Why Can’t I Just Be Like You
7. 24 Miles Of America
8. Bad Behaviour
9. Alternative Swing
10. Electric
11. We Rock The House Again
12. She’s All The Rage
13. Line Of Least Resistance


NINE BELOW ZERO’s 30th anniversary celebrations continue with the re issue of two of their best albums, both of which came out originally on the bands own label -Zed Records in 2000 ‘Refrigerator’ and ‘Chilled’ in 2002.

Both albums capture London’s finest rhythm and blues group at their very best. Now remastered with bonus tracks on each album this 2CD set is a timely reminder why NBZ are considered by their legions of fans as one of the best groups on the planet. Catch them live when they are next playing near you and you will see why.



Chilled: Excellent...with almost audiophile quality production and mastering...

Refrigerator: ...has become my favourite car CD...It's worth the price for this disc alone, a **** outing. (July 2010)

A two CD pairing of albums that previously saw release on the bands own label in the early 2000s with a handful of bonus tracks thrown in for good measure...Worth a punt but play disc 2 first I'd say... it's excellent.

Bill Leslie, (July 2010)

Chilled: ...a flawless and perfectly executed album from start to finish

Refrigerator: ...if you like modern rock 'n blues...then you'll have no problem sinking your teeth into these songs (August 2010)

Chilled: ...a largely acoustic album it is, as the title suggests, a relaxed effort from a time when everyone and his roadie was putting out their own "unplugged" release. Where it's good it really is very good with stand-outs such as the sombre mood of "Loaded Gun" or scene-setter "I Should Have Left It Up To You" impressing hugely...

Refrigerator: From the instant hook of opener "Money Or The Man" through cuts of the quality of the groovin' "Cinnamon Man" and the harmonica drenched "Bad Behaviour" this is much more what I'd expect from a band billed as both "legendary" and "London's finest rhythm and blues group" in the sleeve-notes accompanying the release ... it's excellent.

Bill Leslie, (July 2010)

...energised old style rhythm and blues package

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (July 2010)



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