MIKE HURST – Home/In My Time

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Mike Hurst - Home/In My Time


HOME World Of Glass
Face From The Past
To My Daughter
Hung Upside Down
All I Can Do Is Sing
Big Cities
Photograph Of Love
Demolition Zone
Scarlett Revisited
In My Time
New York City
Time Will Make It Right
Place In the Country
Big Jet Song
Indian Tears
Show Me The Way To Georgia
Over Again
Lord I Don’t Have The Time
Which Way Does Your River Flow
Never Going Back
Silver Threads & Golden Needles (SUNDANCE)














Mike Hurst was one of the Springfields, the first-ever British vocal group to have a USA Top 10 single ‘Silver Thread And Golden Needles’, BEFORE The Beatles. Mike quit The Springfields after five chart singles including ‘Island Of Dreams’ and formed his own band featuring guitarists Jimmy Page and Albert Lee and Tony Ashton.

In 1966 Mike became a record producer, achieving major success with Cat Stevens whom he signed to Deram and the singles ‘I Love My Dog’, ‘Mathew And Son’ and ‘I’m Gonna Get Me A Gun’, which were huge hits. Mike’s subsequent track record as a producer went from strength to strength and over the next two decades his production credits included PP Arnold (‘The First Cut Is The Deepest’). Manfred Mann (‘Mighty Quinn’) and Marc Bolan (‘The Wizard’) and some 17 Top 20 singles clocking up 40 million record sales worldwide.

During the early 70s Mike recorded two solo albums ‘Home’ and ‘In My Time’. Both are released on CD for the first time, with bonus tracks recorded in the early 80′s by Sundance, which featured Mike, and Mary Hopkin on vocals. This CD boasts an array of rock luminaries including Jon Lord, Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Tony Ashton, Dee Murray, Ray Cooper, Nigel Olsson(Elton John Band), Rod Argent, Ray Fenwick, BJ Cole, Chris White and Doris Troy.


'Home' the earlier album, is mainly gently paced folky rock, orchestrated in places…'In My Time' treads a similar path…but with a very obvious Country slant to many of the songs…It is, however, the two bonus tracks which are the real gems of this release. Recorded in 1982 by the short-lived band Sundance, which featured Hurst and Mary Hopkin (of 'Those Were The Days' fame) they are excellent Nicks era Fleetwood Mac style rockers and really showcase Hopkins' wonderful voice.

Steve Ward, Wondrous Stories (December 2001)

Long out of print, the two albums are entertaining in an adult-rock kind of way. Lushly produced, exquisitely played and boasting any number of pleasantly memorable songs….

Goldmine, (March 2002)

…this entertaining listen (boasting the talents of Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Tony Ashton, Rod Argent and more) showcases the singer's rich voice.

The music may sound dated but the delivery is polished and well worth a replay.

Peter French, Hartlepool Mail 6 July 2002

As popular music goes this should go far, it's very entertaining and nostalgic. The albums were released in 1970 and 1971 (the bonus tracks by Sundance were recorded in 1982), there's over an hour of music with twenty one songs.

Modern Dance #39 (August 2002)



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