MEDICINE HEAD Radio Sessions 1971-1977

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MEDICINE HEAD Radio Sessions 1971-1977


1. (And The) Pictures In The Sky-1971
2. Coast To Coast-1971
3. To Train Time-1973
4. Medicine Pony-1971
5. But The Night Is Young-1971
6. Rock’n'Roll Kid-1973
7. Rainy Day Blues-1973
8. Morning Light-1973
9. Only To Do What Is True-1972
10. Instant Karma Kid-1972
11. How Does It Feel?-1972
12. One And One Is One-1973
13. Rising Sun-1974
14. Walkin’ Blues-1974
15. Slip And Slide-1977
16. (I Ain’t Cryin’) Over You-1976
17. His Guiding Hand-1977










MEDICINE HEAD were always the masters of minimalist rock’n’roll whether kicking up a storm on stage or creating vastly underrated hit singles. Playing live was always at the core of the bands existence. This release has been compiled by John Fiddler and comes from numerous different radio sessions and band line-ups in the period 1971 to 1977.

JOHN FIDDLER and PETER HOPE EVANS are forever linked with the record buying public minds as a two man band but in this 6 year period they morphed into a five piece line-up as well. John Fiddler has the god given gift of both a compelling and versatile voice as well as an instinctive knack for writing lyrics that go straight to the heart and melodies that stick like glue and lodge in the memory.

Post 1977 Punk is around the corner and Medicine Head are no more. The roar of BRITISH LIONS beckons for John – but that is a totally different story Play loud and enjoy history.



Musically, the CD offers some excellent performances fizzing with energy and force in a live setting while the majority of tracks exhibit admirable sound quality.

Hi-Fi World (April 2010)

The hugely informative liner notes tell us that it was an early airplay that prompted John Lennon, Manfred Mann and Pete Townshend to contact John Peel to make sure that he was aware of Medicine Head...

This set captures the very best of Medicine Head in session during a period that produced the majority of their impressive output...

Jeff Perkins, Classic Eurorock (February 2010)

Such a diversity and timespan encompassing the band's classic years gives 'Radio Sessions' not only the historic value but also the satisfaction factor.

Let It Rock ( ) (February 2010)

This is classic British based blues rock and it includes their no. 3 hit single 'One And One Is One'. Their earlier work hints at T. Rex most notably '(And The) Pictures In The Sky' whilst later songs such as 'Walkin' Blues' show what an accomplished blues guitarist John Fiddler is.

A definite must for fans of the band and being radio sessions the recordings are very good quality, including those recorded in front of live audiences. Often overlooked Medicine Head are an important part of the 70's blues rock scene. 4/5

Jason Ritchie, (February 2010)

...preserving the unique character of this duo fronted band...

TNT Audio ( ) (February 2010)

...rocking like bedheads in a bordello...dusting off primal rock 'n' roll archetypes and fitting them out in natty stardust suits...

Record Collector (February 2010)

The great thing is time has been kind to these songs and these recordings sound extremely fresh and vibrant. Whether you're a Medicine Head junkie...or you're just curious to find out what they were all about, Radio Sessions 1971-1977 is a top notch release from top to bottom that will satisfy both the diehards as well as the newbies.

Ryan Sparks, Sea of Tranquility (March 2010)

...this will clearly be snapped up by any fans of the band

Classic Rock Society (April 2010)

...a welcome artefact of this underrated English band. (May 2010)

...17 superlative tracks...this is as good as it's going to get on a single album

Maverick magazine (August 2010) opportunity to experience alternative versions of perennial crowd-pleasers...

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (July 2010)

The finished product offers their diehard devotees an opportunity to experience alternative versions of perennial crowd pleasers...

Kevin Bryan, various regional papers (January 2011)



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