JACK BRUCE & FRIENDS The Bottom Line Archive Series

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JACK BRUCE & FRIENDS The Bottom Line Archive Series


CD 1
1. White Room
2. Jet Set Jewel
3. Post War
4. Born Under a Bad Sign
5. The Loner
6. Politician
7. Running Through Our Hands
CD 2
1. Theme for an Imaginary Western
2. Quadrant
4 (Cobham)
3. Childsong
4. Bird Alone
5. Sunshine of Your Love


Jack’s first Bottom Line engagement was back in 1977, in support of his How’s Tricks album, billed as “The Jack Bruce Band.” When he returned in early 1980, his “Jack Bruce & Friends” proffered a funky, high-octane jazz-rock take on a retrospective of Cream classics, and Jack’s already expansive solo catalogue. You hold in your hands the last set of a four-night, eight-show run – a juicy slice of rock history real estate.

This once-in-a-lifetime super-group fuses former Mahavishnu drummer Billy Cobham, and original East Street Band keyboardist/guitarist David Sancious (both already had brilliant solo careers), with none other than Clem Clempson, fresh from Colosseum and Humble Pie, on lead guitar. Each effortlessly navigates The Worlds of Jack, with weight and aplomb. Many Bruce-aficionados rightly consider this to be the very finest of Jack’s ensembles.

We now invite you to enjoy the music of Jack Bruce & Friends, live at The Bottom Line in 1980. Hear just how high Jack set the bar for himself, and for musicians to follow. We shall not witness the likes of him again.



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