IAN GILLAN BAND – The Rockfield Mixes Plus

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Ian Gillan Band - The Rockfield Mixes Plus


1. Clear Air Turbulence
2. Five Moons
3. Over the Hill
4. Angelo Machenio
5. Money Lender
6. Goodhand Liza
7. This Is The Way
8. Apathy (backing track)
9. Over The Hill (live)
10. Smoke On The Water
11. Interview with Ray Fenwick
12. Mercury High (backing track)










So just exactly what are “The Rockfield Mixes”? In essence they are the second and most dynamic of The IAN GILLAN BAND albums, namely “Clear Air Turbulence”. The mixes on this CD were done at Rockfield Studios in Wales but Ian Gillan was unhappy with the results and the album underwent a major remix before it was finally released on 15th April 1977.

The IGB’s music was a fusion of many styles from Rock to Jazz Funk. The Rockfield Mixes is a unique opportunity to hear classy (and some critics say superior) performances, from a great 70’s Rock super group, in their original form



A great CD package with very informative sleeve notes by Jerry Bloom. A must for Gillan fans and anyone who likes the varied sounds that were 70s rock.

Jason Ritchie, get ready to ROCK!(March 2003)

Much, then, lends itself towards jazz fusion, often keyboard led. But the elements of hard rock and Gillan’s trademark vocals make the album essential.

The ‘Plus’ in the title adds several bonus cuts from the previous release, including a live ‘Smoke On The Water’, a Ray Fenwick inverview, a couple of backing tracks, and extensive sleevenotes.

The move to Island at the time didn’t do much for the band, so enjoy this all the more.

Joe Geesin, get ready to ROCK! (March 2004)

It might not be the heavy rocking beast of his former and future bands but at least we should applaud Ian Gillan for trying something different

Steve Ward, Classic Rock Society (May 2004)

A reissue of the original mix of the second and arguably best IGB album, Clear Air Turbulence, complete with bonus tracks, of which the most welcomed is the previously unreleased live version of Over The Hill from Hiroshima. Add a couple of tracks that were left off the Rarities package and it makes a worthwhile purchase for those who didn't pick up the album first time around.

More Black Than Purple (May 2004)

...what is never in doubt is that at this point Ian was still in his prime, with some great vocals and don't be in doubt, there are some fine songs on here...

Feedback (June 2004)

...a jazzy, inventive record driven by the wristy rhythms of Nauseef, Towns' eclectic piano and Fenwick's funky guitar, was arresting...Gillan has never explained why he remixed the album, but it's tempting to conclude that he found the original sessions a little too outre. Heard with the distance of decades, they suggest that the IGB had ideas that outstripped his ambition.

Classic Rock (June 2004)

...it shows that Mr Gillan got two albums for the effort of one! Should appeal to more than just the fans.

Vogon Captain, Modern Dance (August 2004)



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