BUTTERSCOTCH Don’t You Know It’s Butterscotch

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BUTTERSCOTCH Don't You Know It's Butterscotch


1. Bye For Now
2. Us
3. Theme For A Theme
4. Things I Do For You
5. End Of My Nose
6. Reasons
7. Surprise, Surprise
8. Constant Reminder
9. Office Girl
10. There’s Still Time
11. Cows
12. Hero’s Return
13. Don’t You Know (She Said Hello)
14. The Closer To You
15. Some Day Soon
16. All On A Summers Day
17. Can’t You Hear The Song
18. All I Ever Wanna Do
19. Don’t Make Me Laugh
20. Sunday Won’t Be Sunday Any More











The song writing/production team of Chris Arnold, David Martin and Geoff Morrow has written some classic tracks over the years including “Can’t Smile Without You” for Barry Manilow and songs for artists such as Billy Fury, Cliff Richard, Cilla Black, and Edison Lighthouse to Elvis Presley.

In 1970 having enjoyed considerable song writing and production success via their AMMO production company they formed BUTTERSCOTCH and had immediately a UK Top 20 hit single with “”Don’t You Know” which spent 11 weeks in the charts. The follow up single “Surprise Surprise” charted in Japan.

Now available for the first time on CD the “Don’t You Know It’s Butterscotch” album with 7 additional tracks that were originally only released as singles.



Never released before this CD contains all their recorded material, they never bettered DYK and didn't trouble the charts again but if you like 'Sunshine pop, harmony ala Harmony Grass style there is much to enjoy 'Surprise Surprise' and 'Sunday Wont be Sunday Any More' being two highlights. And as aforementioned you'll be humming DYK for the rest of the day!

ninebattles.com (April 2015)

This CD brings together the album and a handful of As and Bs...You could call it "Butlins Psych" - British Bubblegum with chart potential; songs Cliff, Cilla and Tom would feel comfortable belting out. 'Things I Do For You' and the follow-up single 'Surprise Surprise' evoke a family holiday to the Costa Brava, 'Office Girls' is pure '68-vintage Cat Stevens, and 'Constant Reminder' is catchier than Chlamydia.

Shindig magazine - January 2012

'Constant Reminder' is a perfect, if straight-faced pop song, while 'Reasons' boogies down as if Roy Orbison engaged Chuck Berry for a jam. Butterscotch's LP still stands as a testament to the trio's tuneful wit.

DME Music Site (September 2011)

All 13 tracks from that album (Surprise Surprise) and a further seven subsequently released as singles for other labels make up Don't You Know It's Butterscotch. Surprise Surprise was itself a hit in Japan and is in much the same vein as Don't You Know - as indeed is most of what is on offer here.

Music Week (November 2011)

There's no better way to relive the sound of the early seventies. GET THIS! Highly recommended.

babysue (October 2011)

As might be expected from such well established writers...the record was made up of some very enjoyable compositions, many of which sounds nicely half-familiar even on first listening.

The Beat (October 2011)

David Martin's smooth, airwave-friendly pop voice hits the ear most agreeably...'Us, Bye For Now' - the album proffers stylish, seductive, flock-wallpaper-and-fondue-set 70s balladry in the Bread mould...

Oregano Rathbone (October 2011)



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