BILLIE JO SPEARS We Just Came Apart At The Dreams

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BILLIE JO SPEARS We Just Came Apart At The Dreams


1. Can’t Change My Heart
2. Love Dies Hard
3. Baby On My Mind
4. Settin’ Me Up
5. Blowing Away
6. We Just Came Apart At The Dreams
7. C’est La Vie
8. Too Far Gone
9. Sweet Dreams
10. Ain’t No Money








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By the time the UK “discovered” BILLIE JO SPEARS she had been a country chart regular in her native USA since 1968. By 1975 she had arrived with her chart topper “Blanket On The Ground”.

Billie began touring the UK regularly from the early ’70s onwards and in 1982 in London she recorded much of the material on this album with the final tracks recorded in Nashville. The album was released the following year in 1983 on vinyl only and this is the very first time it has been released on CD.

Billie died in 2011 but her music and legacy lives on.



Recorded in London (but completed in Nashville) in 1982, 'We Just Came Apart At The Dreams' saw but a fleeting vinyl lifetime some thirty-five years ago. This, then, is its first appearance since then, and it's difficult to see why it has remained obscure for so long. Particularly as Billie Joe was still scoring hits as recently as two years before, and would do so again a couple of years later.

Ah, we'll get to that in a moment.

It's a terrific album. The Spears voice is as alluring, powerful and expressive as it ever was, and her choice of material is faultless, too. It's great hearing BJS tear through Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell" and a brilliantly revved up version of Don Gibson's "Sweet Dreams" - in and out in under two minutes. Rodney Crowell and Mark Knopfler show up in the writing credits too, with the latter's "Settin' Me Up" an opportunity for Spears and band to really kick some cans around.

But circumstance was less conducive than it might have been. Spears both recorded the album in London and in part relied on local talent for accompaniment. Nothing wrong with that, of course, and in many ways the disconnect from the US country scene is one reason why We Just Came Apart...sounds so fresh today.

Unfortunately, it also ensured that America wasn't interested, while a more-minor-than-most UK record label (Premier) just doesn't appear to have been equipped to give the album the attention it deserved. It vanished, Spears returned to her American career, and three and a half decades later, even fans will probably be hearing this for the first time. Tell them it was worth the wait.

Goldmine Magazine (January 2018)



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