Tygers of Pan Tang - Live In The Roar

Tygers of Pan Tang - Live In The Roar

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1. Detonator 2. Rock ‘n’ Roll Man 3. Lonely At The Top 4. Mystical 5. Bad Bad Kitty 6. Cybernation 7. Running Man 8. Suzie Smiled 9. Take It 10. Paris By Air 11. Deja-Vu 12. Don’t Stop By 13. Firepower 14. Hellbound 15. Love  Potion No9 16. Cat Scratch Fever

Formed in Whitley Bay in 1978, The Tygers Of Pan Tang were created by guitarist ROBB WIER who at the age of 17 decided that his chosen profession of jeweller would have to be put on hold whilst he made more public use of his guitar and Marshall stack that were adorning his bedroom After playing locally they were signed by David Wood, the owner of local label NEAT RECORDS before being resigned to MCA and in 1980 they released their debut album “Wild Cat” which is still regarded as a landmark of the NWOBHM genre. 1982 saw the release of “The Cage”. Two further albums “The Wreckage” and “Burning  In the Shade” were released between 1985 and 1987.

”Burning In the Shade” was the last straw for Wier who” did not feel it to be representative of the band”. The band drifted into a “permanent state of retirement”. Fast forward to 1998 and after a request to play at the WACKEN FESTIVAL in Germany Robb reformed the band and this CD shows them at their best-playing live. Tygers Of Pan Tang have now returned to the studio to record a new album and will be appearing in a NWOBHM tour alongside Oliver/Dawson SAXON and GIRLSCHOOL during June/July in the UK. Play very loud and enjoy!


Robb Wier, Dean Robertson, Craig Ellis, Brian West, Richie Wicks

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