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In April, we have the first solo album from former Procol Harum member and Bedlam founder DAVE BALL, featuring an eclectic mix of styles from heavy R&B to amusing Kinks style musical commentaries on the English.

Also in the month, a new compilation album from STACKRIDGE featuring original tracks from the period 1971-2003.  The band are on tour in the UK from 31 March.

A BEDLAM live album is released - recorded at Command Studios, London in 1973. It also features the hit single "Dance With The Devil" as a bonus track - the only known Bedlam recording of that song recorded for USA TV Show Midnight Special.

May sees the release of ROBIN GEORGE & VIX, a collaboration between then Notorious member and former lead singer of Fuzzbox. Two of the tracks are re-workings of Fuzzbox songs, and the release also includes two live tracks.

Also, a live CD/DVD set from NICK SIMPER & NASTY HABITS. Recorded on 8th March 2011 in front of a sold out audience at Vienna's legendary Rock Club "Szene", the Deep Purple founder member performs original tracks from his period in Deep Purple (Mk 1) with Austria’s Nasty Habits.

Finally, a remastered singles collection from ROY YOUNG is released - featuring three bonus tracks from 1962 recorded at The Star Club, Hamburg, Germany.

Johnson Woods Single


Steve Johnson and Tony Woods have released the new single 'Hello World' which is available to download now from iTunes.  Click the cover image above for sales page and YouTube link.



STACKRIDGE are promoting their new compilation 'Preserved' on tour in the UK from 31 March.  The album is released on 23 April (see below).

The band are also Featured Artist at Get Ready to ROCK! Radio throughout April when more of their music will be added to the station's playlists.  A two-part special also features the band's Andy Davis talking about their music.

More information and tour dates

GRTR! Radio Interview


Click the image to listen to label boss Peter Purnell talking about the first 15 years of Angel Air, with David Randall from Get Ready to ROCK! Radio

Cambridge Rock Festival

Cambridge Rock Festival's Spring Edition 27-28-29th April 2012 with covered stage and camping - featuring Verden Allen and the Mick Ralphs Blues Band.

Click the above image for ticket prices and to book tickets.

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Released in April 2012

[Release date 23.04.12]

Dave Ball

DAVE BALL - Don't Forget Your Alligator (SJPCD395)

If you happened to be reading page 8 of The Sunday Express on October 1st 1978 you would have noticed a column heading "Vanished pop star turns up on lonely army isle" The article leads with "A MYSTERY that has puzzled pop fans for three years-what happened to Dave Ball, lead guitarist with top-selling Procol Harum Group?-has been solved. He has been serving with the Army on the tiny island of St Kilda in the Atlantic"

OK, so they were a little out with the date. Roll forward to 2012 and Dave finally decides to return to music and release his first ever solo album recorded over a 5 year period in New Zealand, Australia, Germany and UK.

Dave first came to international fame as a member of PROCOL HARUM (whom he had joined from BIG BERTHA) where he spent two years and left whilst "Grand Hotel" was being finished to form BEDLAM with his brother Denny, Frank Aiello and the late Cozy Powell.

"Don't Forget Your Alligator" is an eclectic mix of styles from heavy R&B to amusing Kinks style musical commentaries on the English. All songs are written by himself, and for guitar fans there are plenty of solos and accompaniments to listen to.

They don't make people like this these days-so catch him while you can!



STACKRIDGE Best Of - Volume Two (SJPCD396)

STACKRIDGE can claim many small but significant places in pop music history including opening at the very first Glastonbury Festival in 1971, playing on the same bill as ELTON JOHN, The BEACH BOYS and The EAGLES as well as being inspired by three disparate musical influences-The Beatles, Frank Zappa and The Incredible String Band.

Stackridge founders James Warren and Andy Davis even took a break from Stackridge in the late 70's and early 80's to form The KORGIS with whom they enjoyed worldwide success with "If I Had You" and "Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime" before reforming Stackridge again in the 90's.

JAMES WARREN and ANDY DAVIS have been back in the studio to compile this "Best Of-Volume Two" compilation from their Stackridge back catalogue using original tracks from the period 1971 to 2003.

The band commences a UK tour on 31st March to promote this release.



BEDLAM Bedlam In Command 1973 (SJPCD397)

In 1973 COZY POWELL joined up with the Ball Brothers (DAVE and DENNY) (Dave had just left PROCOL HARUM) and Frank Aiello (TRUTH) to form BEDLAM (the ultimate rock band) whose debut album was released in 1973. The world was their oyster and they performed in Europe and USA to much critical acclaim. A review in Melody Maker from 12th May 1973 said "A perfect blend of big band experience and unquestionable talent are going to make the all-star British band Bedlam, very big indeed"

A highly successful tour of USA (with BLACK SABBATH), then the band crashed and burned. Ironically it was success that lead to the band breaking up. Cozy Powell had released a drum tune called "Dance With The Devil" which was released on Mickey Most's RAK label. Bedlam were offered a deal with the RAK label to produce pop music singles with Cozy fronting the band. This is not what Bedlam were designed for.

By 1974 the band split though following on from Cozy's UK number 3 Hit single "Dance With The Devil" which features as a bonus track on this release as the only known Bedlam recording of that song recorded for USA TV Show Midnight Special (recorded on 4th February 1974)

"Bedlam In Command 1973" was recorded live in front of an audience at Command Studios, London 22nd October 1973 principally as a promo recording for the USA.


Released in May 2012

[Release date 14.05.12]



ROBIN GEORGE is a multi skilled and highly gifted individual who is widely admired as one of the most gifted British guitarists, respected producer and prolific songwriter. He was in the studio working with his then band NOTORIOUS and FUZZBOX where in the next room recording, so he got to know VIX their lead singer.

He teamed up in 1990 with VIX (former lead singer of FUZZBOX who in the late 80's had UK Top 20 single HITS with "International Rescue", "Pink Sunshine" and "Self"). Together they created an AOR rock album that showcases their joint skills and attributes.

Two of the tracks on this album are in fact reworkings of two Fuzzbox songs "Your Loss, My Gain" and "You"

Two live tracks have been included on this release from NIA, Birmingham, England from the mid 90's with their band The Promise.


NICK SIMPER & NASTY HABITS Live at Szene, Vienna (SJPCD386)

On 8th March 2011 playing to a sold out audience at Vienna's legendary Rock Club "Szene" NICK SIMPER (founder member DEEP PURPLE) performed with NASTY HABITS (Austria's finest Classic Rock band) original tracks from Nick's period in Deep Purple (Mk 1). With Deep Purple today only having just one original member from their MK 1 days it is highly unlikely that the band will perform these now neglected classic songs in concert.

The mantle is therefore passed to Nick and Nasty Habits to bring some long forgotten classics back to life and bring them back to life they do. They performed eleven tracks from the first three Deep Purple albums plus one new track "Slinky" from the forthcoming new album.

This release is both a CD version and an actual DVD of the concert at The Scene, Vienna



ROY YOUNG Complete Singles Collection 1959-1962 (SJPCD399)

ROY YOUNG is a living legend who was invited by Brian Epstein to join the BEATLES, toured and recorded with CHUCK BERRY, The BEATLES, and DAVID BOWIE. JEFF BECK, DEEP PURPLE, ERIC CLAPTON and GENE VINCENT. Roy is in some people's minds the greatest and most original Boogie Woogie piano player ever to emerge from the UK.

Back in the 50's Roy appeared on many TV shows such as "Oh Boy" and "Drumbeat" and went on to become one of the UK's greatest exponents of rock 'n' roll. He even joined at one stage during the 60's CLIFF BENNETT & The REBEL ROUSERS and performed on their HITS "One Way Love" and "Got To Get You Into My Life". In 1977 DAVID BOWIE asked Roy to play keyboards on his album "Low" which they recorded in Paris

Roy has been back in the studio to remaster his singles as well as adding three bonus tracks from 1962 recorded at The Star Club, Hamburg, Germany.

Released in March 2012

[Release date 26.03.12]

Bell & Martin

BELL & MARTIN Together Again (SJPCD384)

Back in 1981 DAVID MARTIN (who as part of the AMMO song writing team had enjoyed Number 1 Hits the world over with artists such as BARRY MANILOW to GUYS & DOLLS covering their songs) teamed up with MADELINE BELL to record an album for his then fledgling DEB RECORDS. Madeline had shot to fame in the UK in the 70's as part of a two pronged vocalist team with BLUE MINK and recorded some classis songs such as "Melting Pot" and "Good Morning Freedom".

David also has Hits himself as part of BUTTERSCOTCH and Madeline has continued to tour the world working with BBC's Big Band, James Last, Netherlands Metropole Orchestra.

The album "Together Again" was never released although a number of singles were during the period 1981 and 1982-all are included on this release.

The bonus tracks include duets with KATE ROBBINS who had a UK number 2 hit with "More Than Love" and STEPHANIE De SYKES who also had a UK number 2 Hit with "Born With A Smile On My Face"


Matthew Fisher

MATTHEW FISHER A Salty Dog Returns (SJPCD389)

MATTHEW FISHER, founding member of PROCOL HARUM, is forever immortalized for co writing and playing the classic organ on "Whiter Shade Of Pale". Matthew was writer/singer (along with Gary Brooker), organist and producer of Procol’s classic "A Salty Dog" album. Matthew also produced ROBIN TROWERS first three albums including the Gold album "Bridge Of Sighs".

"Whiter Shade Of Pale" is the most played track on British Radio ever.

In 1994 Matthew went into the studio and recorded "A Salty Dog Returns" playing all the instruments on the tracks. Out of print for the past decade this album is much sought after by the Fisher/Procol fans.

Now remastered with bonus tracks.


Red Jasper

RED JASPER Sting In The Tale (SJPCD390)

RED JASPER were formed in 1987 and quickly built a strong band following playing their own unique brand of Prog Rock live in UK and Europe.

Over a four week period in 1990 the band recorded their critically acclaimed album "Sting In The Tale" which is now remastered with three bonus tracks added including the tracks from their much sought after 12" EP.

As one reviewer wrote when the album was originally released "Red Jasper's strength is not only their musical and song-writing ability but the fact that within each song they combine instruments and moods in a constructive, challenging yet interesting manner" We could not have said it more eloquently.



NEW full colour CD and DVD Catalogue

Angel Air Catalogue 2012

FREE 2012 full colour Audio and DVD Catalogue will be sent out with every order.

Download the catalogue:


To celebrate Angel Air's 10th Anniversary a new book by James McCarraher was published in 2007.

Angel Air

The book details the development of the label, its philosophy, and lists all releases with reviews.

Further information:

'Angel Air is 10' is a welcome celebration of the label's first ten years and for any rocker of a certain age, and with an eye for trivia, makes essential reading. Where else could we read about Affinity, an early jazz rock stomping ground for the great Mo Foster, Warhorse (debut album on the Vertigo 'swirl' label) and what happened to Bobby Harrison of seventies funk rockers Snafu? Author James McCarraher has brought together the 200-plus label catalogue, prefacing each release with an essay culled mainly from the original liner notes.

David Randall,

...a celebration of the label rather than a detailed account of the every day ins and outs of a small independent record company...'Angel Air is 10' is as much a reference book as anything else.

More Black Than Purple (June 2007)


Angel Air DVD clips online

You can now view online actual clips of artists performing from the Angel Air DVD catalogue on Click onto Channels and select Angel Air Records


Don't forget you can read a selection of album reviews on the website from a wide range of music magazines...

CD Reviews

The Many Sides Of - 1967-1980 (SJPCD383)

...'Tomorrow Night' and 'Devils Answer'. These classic prog-rock hits are the pick of this interesting anthology, which also features examples of John's work with lesser known outfits such as The Attack, Andromeda, Bullet and Hard Stuff.

Kevin Bryan (Mansfield Chad)

...The inclusion of themes from classical music is a common thread in the genre and the excessive 'Return To Sanity' qualifies, just as 'Devil's Answer' illustrates the type of music that was high in the charts at the time. There're some nice iconic history pieces in here, too: 'She's My Woman' from 1977, produced by Francis Rossi, for example.

R2 Magazine

...From Du Cann's psychedelic rockers Andromeda comes the eight-minute 'lost' underground classic 'Return To Sanity'. That band would doubtless have gone on to bigger things had he not joined Atomic Rooster...Du Cann went on to form the harder rocking Bullet and Hard Stuff, from which there are a couple of tracks apiece. The real curio is his TV ad for Lee Cooper jeans, written by Gary Numan.

Classic Rock Magazine

Never a household name, nor ever likely to be (despite a brief spell with Thin Lizzy), Du Cann has been well served by Angel Air, who have kept his music in the racks. Fans may own all this material already, but uncommitted rockers could do worse than start here. 4 stars.

Record Collector Magazine (February 2012)


...their latest Angel Air offering represents a muscular throwback to the golden days of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal in the early eighties. Motorbiker is unlikely to win over too many new converts to their cause but it's a solid piece of work nonetheless...

Kevin Bryan (Hucknall Dispatch)

..."Whipping Boy" and "Motorbiker" the song distil heavy metal to its purest anthemic zip, whereas a soaring instrumental piece "Screaming Eagles" sends the listener back to "The Eagle Has Landed". Right: power and the glory are still at play here. ***2/3

DME Music Site

...there's some seriously good metal getting revved up on 'Motorbiker'. Graham still has that six string midas touch and with simple riffing structures and memorable melodies during the outstanding solos tracks like 'World's Gone Crazy', 'Ghost' and 'Nevada Beach' show that guitar parts don't have to be Dragonforced to within an inch of their lives to be impressive and effective.

On the most part I was hugely impressed by 'Motorbiker', it's far better than I was expecting given the way Oliver/Dawson Saxon have been portrayed over the years. Hopefully this release can go some way towards turning the tide and proving to people that these rock 'n' roll gypsies still have plenty left to give. I mean, they've already given you a lifetime's worth of great tunes so you'll never know what else you're missing if you let 'Motorbiker' pass you by. Remember....Ignorance is no excuse.

Standout tracks: 'Whippin' Boy', 'Ghost', 'Nevada Beach'

Uber Rock (March 2012)


...a fine charity album which transcends musical genres with effortless ease and must rank as one of the most attractive offerings that George has been involved with during the course of his long and varied career.

Kevin Bryan

TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS Live! At The Bitter End, New York (SJPCD385)

The good people as Angel Air have released a string of interesting Tommy James re-issues during the past few months, but this infectious live set is far and away the most appealing offering that they've been involved with to date.

Kevin Bryan (Hucknall Dispatch, Kidderminster Shuttle)

Threatening on paper to capture less of a career-defining moment and more like the sounds of barrels being scraped, it proves testimonial to a timeless tunesmith once Tommy James gets onstage...As rendered by the maturing man himself at NY's intimate Bitter End, the '60s pop standards and psychedelic cuts make the audience scream like schoolgirls despite the years, and make obvious what inspired so many later greats.


MATTHEW FISHER A Salty Dog Returns (SJPCD389) the time that this album was released in 1994 he'd jettisoned the instrument which had earned him so many critical plaudits to assemble a selection of painfully insipid synthesised instrumentals whose appeal is unlikely to extend beyond the most fanatical of Procol Harum devotees.

Kevin Bryan


While we're sad about the demise of The Storys we actually can't be too incredibly weepy...because Closure is an absolutely wonderful pop album full of beautiful flowing melodies and vocals that are out-of-this-world...this man and his friends have come up with a collection of modern pop classics that will surely stand the test of time.

baby sue

Joined by his fellow ex-band mates Rob Thompson (vox, guitar) and Alan Thomas (keys, mandolin, banjo), Closure contains ten well-crafted songs ranging from rock-ballad styles ('Believe', 'All The Things You Dream Of') to classic power rock 'Find Your Own Way Back'.

'You Say Nothing' is a beautiful love song full of vocal harmony and stripped of unnecessary instrumental overload, while 'Over Again' is yet another example of how strong a song can be even if the ingredients are kept simple.

The excellent 'Two Horse Race' is Tom Petty influenced (is there any Americana-style music that isn't?). Fantastic arrangements and great lyrics – what more can you want from a track?

...Closing track 'Only One Right' kicks of in a fragile and gentle manner, only to drift into a fantastic guitar and keyboard solo toward the end of the song.

Andy Collins has done more than well with this his first solo album, and I be damned if an equally impressive follow-up shouldn't be in the cards. 4/5 stars.

Music News (March 2012)

...the austere artwork houses a lot of emotions that flow out in a passionate, if reserved, manner from the honeyed hymn of "Believe" where acoustic tide breaks over the four-string cliffs, while "Find Your Own Way Back" rolls this optimism down the electric road, its piano riffs set against the pseudo-Americana haze through which a steel guitar cuts, and there's an elegiac beauty to "All The Things You Dream Of".

These three pieces that open "Closure" serve as a template for the rest of the tracks that never get more impressive but expand the picture to a fully fledged vista full of harmonies and colors. An aural kaleidoscope becomes hauntingly hypnotic on "Over Again" to render a deceptively simple song irresistible, but the harmonica in "Something New" adds an old-timey smell to the folky motif which exchanges mellowness for the bubbly spark and a bright guitar solo in "Story Town" to cast a glance back to where Collins' strong voice comes from. So a page has been turned for the better now. ****

DME Music Site

VARIOUS ARTISTS Hooked On Number Ones (SJPCD388)

When the focus is on the '60s or memories are cast even further back, like "Lovesick Blues" with Mike Berry's yodel, the artists involved apply their best interpretative skills, but there's not much zest in the latter stuff, so thankfully, the '80s output is boiled down to the opener "Uptown Girl", "Relax" and closer "Karma Chameleon" that slip out and into the "Hooked On Number 1's" theme delivered by the creme de la creme of session singers including Sue and Sunny, Tony Burrows and Vicki Brown. Her other half, Joe, shines on "Bad Moon Rising" yet fails to blow life into "Imagine" as marred by a homogenous rhythm track as is "Michelle" in which Lonnie Donegan's brilliantly repaying The Fabs all their admiration; the skiffle master's keening voice feels perfectly suited for this tune but, surprisingly, can't hold "Sailing" above the water he treads in his own "Puttin' On The Style". By the same token, MUNGO JERRY are inimitable when it comes to "In The Summertime", although they deliver "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" and "Sweets For My Sweets" just as infectiously.

...the real star of the show is an unknown vocalist, Bogdan Kominowski whose attack lends a new quality to "Maggie May", whereas GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS prefer to stay in the comfort zone of "How Do You Do It" - unlike THE FORTUNES updating "If You Leave Me Now" or MUD who throw away their saccharine for zippy harmonies of "Oh Boy" before exorcising all the sarcasm from "Out Of Time". But that's the emotion which gets in the way of dancing, a goal this album hits in style. ***

DME Music Site

It's fascinating to hear a familiar voice on a chorus or verse of a song that's not usually associated with that particular voice. The more unexpected examples include 'Michelle' and 'Sailing', performed by Lonnie Donegan; 'San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)' by Craig Douglas...

The Beat (March 2012)

GREENSLADE Live 1973-1975 (SJPCD347)

This CD provides an introduction to the band as a whole, providing a selection of superb Mellotron keyboard sequences alongside stretches of brilliant Minimoog progressions. New prog fans will find Greenslade a tight band, musically, without the often debilitating self indulgence yet offering a series of multifaceted ideas that blend into often intricate conglomerates of ideas that stand repeated listening.

Hi-Fi World (April 2012)

RED JASPER Sting In The Tale (SJPCD390)

Recorded in 1990 but set squarely in Thatcher's Britain of the previous decade, this folk prog five-piece nails its politics firmly to the mast of the Left, lambasting state authority and control, jingoism, corporate greed and corruption from every quarter. Founder and front man Davey Dodds' vocal stylings take getting used to, but a few listens in and it all starts to take shape. Unapologetically barbed, droll and razor-sharp lyrics are squeezed into phlegm-flecked shouting over sawing acoustics and supercharged sax while guest Fairport Ric Saunders lends nimble flourishes of violin, the effect a curious blend of Billy Bragg and Van der Graaf Generator (a parpingly-proggish 'Secret Society') by way of the Dropkick Murphys.

Three bonus tracks here reveal added polish in 'Pull that Thumb (Off The Top Of Your Head)' and 'Flagpole' while dramatic closer 'England's Green And Pleasant Land?' is a reflective even plaintive piece revealing a more rounded talent than initial impression would suggest. ****

Review by Peter Muir - Get Ready To ROCK!

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