ATOMIC ROOSTER – Live And Raw 70/71

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Atomic Rooster - Live & Raw 70/71


Live 1970 (Paris Theatre, London)
Friday The 13th
Live 1971 (Paris Theatre, London)
Sleeping For Years
Tomorrow Night
I Can’t Take No More








The unashamed rawness of these recordings is more than compensated by rarity value. Here we have the only existing “live” recordings of the classic 1970 Atomic Rooster line-up featuring Vincent Crane, legendary drummer Carl Palmer (later with ELP) and the similarly legendary guitar player and lead singer John Du Cann who has not only supplied the recordings but overseen the whole project.

The early history of Atomic Rooster is well chronicled on the companion Angel Air release “First Ten Explosive Years” (SJPCD038). This CD features material first broadcast by the BBC and compered by John Peel who was an early admirer of the band.

The second half of the CD features the 1971 line-up now with Paul Hammond on drums and features the breakthrough single “Tomorrow Night”.

Packaged with extensive sleeve notes based on John Du Cann’s own recollections, this Angel Air release is a true archive recording and an important document of a significant prog-rock band of the early seventies.


To be fair to Angel Air, they have issued a warning in the sleeve notes about the (sound) quality and the album title has obviously been well chosen as it describes the contents perfectly. Tracks 1 to 4 were recorded live in London in 1970 and are believed to be the only known live recordings in existence featuring the original line-up of John Du Cann, Vincent Crane and Carl palmer. These songs alone make this album an indispensable piece of rock history...The disc is accompanied by an excellent booklet with extensive sleeve notes by John Du Cann

Steve Ward, Wondrous Stories (April 2000)

...the whole hour has merit once your ears attune to the bootleg quality

Michael Heatley, Classic Rock (June2000)

...despite the poor recording quality, the excitement of a Rooster concert is obvious. An interview in the sleevenotes helps fill in the history, too

Joe Geesin, Record Collector (May 2000)

...there is no doubting the historical importance of these recordings

Feedback (June 2000)

...from a musical point of view it really rips...The attractiveness of the publication is in picking up a fat book full of unique Atomic Rooster photographs and little known facts from the group's history.

Fists In Pockets (Poland) (April/May 2000)

...there's some great playing and terrific inventiveness that you could get away with back in the 70's...the album as a whole is a welcome addition for the avid collector and trust Angel Air to fill that gap.

Modern Stories (September 2000)

Those nice people at Angel Air Records have released ...Live And Raw 70/71...which contains eight previously unreleased live tracks from two concerts. The quality of the recording is dodgy in places...but this is a collector's album...a piece of history...treat it with the respect it deserves!

Frank Blades, Rockhaven

...Angel Air have placed quite large warnings on this CD "the sound quality is very rough" - their honesty speaks for itself, but frankly I am so grateful to hear these wonderful performances.

Zabadak, No.18



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