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MIDNIGHT FLYER – Midnight Flyer


It’s an album of well-played and crafted blues rock with a touch of soul, mainly due to the wonderfully earthy tones of Maggie Bell (nearest comparison would be Tina Turner in her classic 70’s guise)…

There are plenty of rockers like ‘Hey Boy’ and ‘French Kisses’, but Bell comes alive on the slower, soul tinged tracks like ‘In My Eyes’. There are two bonus tracks on this remastered re-release including the good time feel of ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Party’ plus very informative and interesting sleeve notes…

Certainly one for Maggie Bell fans and those who enjoy classic blues rock.

Jason Ritchie,
(March 2005)

The songs, mostly written by drummer Dowle, are generic would-be stadium rockers…

Classic Rock, May 2005

This is one of those that really seems to have slipped through the net for some reason as this is a great album that powers along with the band playing strong songs and Mick Ralphs doing a fine job on the production…loads of great melodies…

…a strong polished rock album with great vocals which definitely deserves to be heard by a wider audience and this reissue does it plenty of justice with copious sleeve notes and photos in the 24 poage booklet, and two extra songs not originally featured on the album

Feedback, May 2005

Bell possessed a granite, soulful voice but her looks were never going to bother the glossy magazine pages, and shamefully the group disbanded after this one-off release. It ranks as a true long-lost classic with enough extras, in two bonuses and extensive packaging, to warrant a replacement of the original vinyl.

Record Collector (June 2005)

…this is a fine soul-based blues-rock release that can be easily regarded as a feminine version of Whitesnake. (June 2005)

…hard riffing rock…well packaged with informative liner notes…

Blues In Britain (July 2005)

…keep turning up the volume, and when the roof starts shaking you can finally hear the power intrinsic to the original vinyl.

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (July 2005)

It’s an excellent piece of work which has certainly never achieved the recognition that it deserved…

Kevin Bryan, Belfast Telegraph

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