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The Complete Reunion Concert Cologne 1994 DVD

COLOSSEUM The Complete Reunion Concert Cologne 1994 DVD


…the concert is more than competently filmed, and the documentary contains priceless archive footage…Colosseum: grizzled but great.

Michael Heatley, Classic Rock (March 2003)

This well-filmed, good-sounding release from the Angel Air label captures the best line-up the band ever had…A must for all Colosseum fans.

Tony Shevlin, East Anglian Times (January 2003)

This is one of those DVDs where everything comes together in a perfect package…As a unit the band are incredibly tight, and produce music that is extremely complex with enough time changes and note density to please even the most unconvinced prog head. Add to that the power and presence of Chris Farlowe, who proves that he is still a vocalistto be reckoned with, and this concert is a joy from start to finish.

But if that wasn’t enough, there is a 90 minute documentary detailing the complete history of the band, which is jam packed with interviews and relevant footage and photos…If you are a proghead, yet have never heard Colosseum before…then this is a wonderful introduction.

Kevin Rowland, (June 2003)

There’s a 90 minute ‘Story of Colosseum’ which is fine stuff. The music – well if you liked Colosseum then you’ll love this and you’ll want it in your collection. That whole thing about Those About To Die Salute You and Valentyne Suite was a superb period of music, evolution and development for so many great names and bands that it must not be ignored. The aforementioned albums are and remain classics of their time and in many ways timeless pieces too. Here we have the classic line-up and Chris Farlowe in a rousing Stormy Monday. Each player takes his turn at soloing and it is good to watch

Caleb, Blues Matters (July 2003)

The concert is great, one of the best live DVDs of recent years. But the real meat in this package is delivered by the bonus feature, a 90 minute Story Of Colosseum documentary that itself serves up both fascinating footage and a treasure-trove of memories.

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (August 2004)

Imagine taking Blood, Sweat & Tears or the original Chicago, then add more Classical influence, more Blues and make them very British. Also consider taking Jethro Tull and adding more Blues and Rock. Either way, you would then begin to get the idea of Colosseum, which one member may rightly claim is the first such band of its kind.

Any inspiration by or influence either of or on Van Morrison is a separate essay, but Colosseum Live – Colosseum Lives – The Complete Reunion Concert – Cologne 1994 is a solid new DVD that gives a fine overview of the band then and now.

Nicholas Sheffo,

Begun in the 1960s, the guys in Colosseum burned out rather quickly and disbanded in 1971. This DVD features the band’s reunion concert…23 years later (!)…in Cologne. Colosseum is/was Jon Hiseman, Chris Farlowe, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Clem Clempson, Mark Clarke, and Dave Greenslade.

Colosseum truly was the perfect merging of blues with progressive rock. The rhythm section is dense and thick…while the heady guitars and keyboards drive the music forward.

In addition to the concert, this DVD includes a 90 minute documentary entitled “The Story of Colosseum.” This is recommended for fans of the band as well as anyone interested in progressive rock bands from the twentieth century. Good entertainment value here. (Rating: 4++++)

Babysue (January 2006)

COLOSSEUM is yet another legendary UK band from the 1970s of whom now a reunion DVD is available. The reunion took place in 1994 in Germany, so 10 years went by before it was captured on DVD, but in 2004 the DVD was released of his historic event.

I have to say that I don’t think COLOSSEUM was one of the better bands in the British Rockscene from the 1970s, but still I guess the true fans of the band will be happy with this DVD release, because it contains the full concert from 1994 and a 90 minutes counting documentary on the band. The total playing time of the DVD is more than 3 hours, so you definitely get value for your money. (Points: 8.0 out of 10)

Gabor Kleinbloesem, Strutter’Zine (January 2006)

The individual skills of each member goes without saying but seeing them here together again after so many years, playing better than ever…is a joy to watch…

The documentary is a must see for long-time fans of the band…an indispensible addition to every Colosseum and 70s music lovers DVD library.

Sea of Tranquility (January 2006)

It’s spectacular…the musicianship is undeniably stunning…

A deserving re-release for a wonderful postscript to the history of a great band

Subba Cultcha (January 2006)

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