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1. Sweet Jemima 2. Rain Or Shine 3. Mr Big Shot 4. Witness For The Prosecution
5. Better Days 6. Little Miss America 7. Schoolgirl 8. Politician Man
9. Fairytale 10. Fantasy World 11. Hollywood
12. Long Grass 13. When I Was Young 14. Solitude
15. Living Is Giving 16. Troubled Times 17. One Way Ticket
18. Steamroller 19. Abilene 20. Melancholy Man

1. Cannery Row 2. Breakaway 3. Mailman 4. From Hero To Zero
5. It Can't Happen To Me 6. Part Of My Life 7. Heaven Knows
8. Loser 9. All The Kings Horses 10. Fool
11. I Said She Said 12. Jody
13. Set Yourself Free 14. Wild Grows The Heather
15. Programmed To Receive 16. Movin On
17. Tonight 18. Anastasia
19. Life On Earth 20. American Boys

CHRISTIE shot to fame in the early 70's with a number 1 Hit single in no less than 26 countries (it also made Billboard Top 30 in USA) "Yellow River". Written by band leader JEFF CHRISTIE who was awarded the prestigious IVOR NOVELLO and CARL ALLAN awards for this
classic song. Jeff has had his songs recorded by REM to LEAPY LEE to QUICKSILVER

Further Hit singles followed around the world "San Bernadino" and "Iron Horse". The bands debut album spent 10 weeks in the US charts. The band became known as England's answer to Creedence Clearwater Revival

Jeff has been back in the studio reviewing his masters and all the tracks on this 2CD set were recorded in the 1970's by Christie during a particularly prolific period in their career

Christie continues today to perform all over the world and has a particular strong fan base in Europe and South America where the band performs sold out concerts each year.

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