Hard Stuff

Hard Stuff

Follow the angel...



1. Roll A Rocket 2. Libel
3. Ragman 4. Spiders Web
5. Get Lost 6. Sick ĎNí Tired
7. Mermany 8. Jumpiní Thumpiní (Ainít That Somethiní)
9. Dazzle Dizzy 10. Bolex Dementia

11. Inside Your Life
12. (Itís) How You Do It

HARD STUFF was a rock band formed by JOHN DU CANN and Paul Hammond from ATOMIC ROOSTER with JOHN GUSTAFSON from QUATERMASS. The band released itís first album "Bulletproof" to intense critical acclaim in 1972 and was working on itís follow up when whilst touring Europe when they had a bad car accident returning from a gig at the Zoom Club, Frankfurt culminating in Du Cann and Hammond spending many weeks in hospital in Belgium.

Their second album "Bolex Dementia" was eventually released in 1973 which was a delay of almost a year before the crucial follow up album could be heard. Then the LP cover (which was considered one of the most horrific of 1973) was deemed in some territories as unacceptable and in the USA for example a fresh cover had to be created featuring a girl?! before the album could hit the racks.

The band broke up shortly after the release of the second and final album with Du Cann and Hammond reforming Atomic Rooster (Du Cann wrote and sang lead vocal on their Hits "Tomorrow Night" and "Devils Answer") and Gustafson joining Roxy Music.

A classic album remastered with bonus tracks.


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