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Johnson Woods

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1. Hello World

Please note this is a digital only release.  You can watch a video here


Steve Johnson and Tony Woods first met in England when both of them were working for a record label. A band was formed to record release singles under the name and guidance of the label and a lasting relationship developed between the two. They shared a passion for song writing and as it turned out, a passion for Blackburn Rovers. The band and the label passed into history. Steve and Tony continued to watch the Rovers. They also kept writing together. They composed songs for their own releases, songs for other artists and songs for library music.

Hello World

Tony- 'This is about getting along with each other and the importance of communication. It's in praise of the perpetual chatter that goes on in orbit just above the highest aeroplanes. Satellites flashing all our international gossip around the globe keeping us in touch with the planet's people.'Steve- 'Well I had this bass line...'

In fact, although Steve came up with the title, we worked on this one as we always do, as a joint effort. Each contributing to the words and the music. It was written and recorded mainly in our studio and office in Blackburn. It was mastered at a studio near the delightful Yorkshire town of Skipton.

As always when songs are put together it's impossible to know if anyone will like it or not. You just have to let them go and cross your fingers. The feedback so far has been very positive for this one which is a nice reward. Keep talking everyone.

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