Angel Air Is Ten

Playing The Band

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ANGEL AIR IS TEN by James McCarraher

ĎAngel Air is Tení tells the story of the label, explores the Angel Air philosophy and carries a biography (and reviews) of each and every release from the past ten years.

Angel Air has earned itself a deserved reputation as the Indiana Jones of the music world, rescuing classic albums from a bygone era, dusting them off and releasing them with copious sleeve notes and a wealth of bonus tracks.

Often however, the label can be found releasing recordings that have never seen the light of day, including delightful demos and lost live sessions, to the delirium of life long fans.

With over 250 releases under their belt, Angel Air can boast a roster that includes such diverse acts as Mott The Hoople, Stackridge, Gillan, Maggie Bell, Freedom, GoWest, Mike Hurst, Medicine Head and Atomic Rooster.


PLAYING THE BAND by Martyn Hanson

'Playing The Band' takes you on the roller-coaster ride that is the life of Jon Hiseman - one of Britain's top drummers.

It's a personal journey through one of the most intriguing and fascinating periods in rock and pop history, telling in detail of the forces, the personalities, the triumphs and disappointments that make up a life spent at the centre of modern music...and all set against the background of how, in the second half of the 20th century, the British music industry reached dizzying heights until the advent of new technology brought it back to earth with a bump!

It is not just a story of a life in music; it is a tale of individualism, survival, friendships and rivalry, romance, brutal reality and the occasional insanity. Above all, it's the story of a man who describes himself as 'a cautious optimist' and who considers his greatest achievement, the enduring love affair with saxophonist and composer Barbara Thompson.