WISHBONE ASH Live In Geneva 1995

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WISHBONE ASH Live In Geneva 1995


1. The King Will Come
2. Strange Affair
3. Throw Down The Sword
4. In The Skin
5. Hard Times
6. Blowin’ Free
7. Keeper Of the Light
8. Medley-Blind Eye, Lady whiskey,
Jail Bait, Phoenix, The Pilgrim
9. Runaway
10. Sometime World
11. Vas Dis
12. The King Will Come










In 1995 to celebrate WISHBONE ASH’s 25th year as a touring and recording band ANDY POWELL decided to celebrate with an appearance at The Rock Heroes Festival, Geneva on 6th April 1995. Recorded live on a 48 track digital mobile the band produced a classic, guitar driven, melodic rock performance.

As one reviewer wrote back in 1995 “This is a truly great ‘live’ Wishbone Ash CD. The sound and the vocals are perfect and of course the guitars sing beautifully. The sound quality rivals the best live CD’s I have ever heard, great mix and very clear. Just get it and you will love it”.

The CD is enhanced and will play in PC’s with Flash Player film of the opening track of the concert ‘The King Will Come’.



As you would expect there is plenty of classic Wishbone Ash included across this live CD with their definitive Argus album being well represented via the quartet of 'Throw Down The Sword', 'The King Will Come', 'Sometime World' and 'Blowin' Free'.

There is a vibrancy and energy about the performances and Filgate proves to be a more than capable guitarist and rich vocalist which makes for some smooth vocal harmonies.

The inclusion of an uplifting medley featuring anthems such as 'Jailbait' and 'Phoenix' means much of the set is drawn from the first three albums but instrumental 'In The Skin' and the hard rocking 'Runaway' add some variety.

Add in crystal clear quality, informative sleeve notes and a film clip of 'The King Will Come' and this is a great job all around.

Dean Pedley, www.seaoftranquility.org (November 2012)

The classic Wishbone Ash sound remains wonderfully intact here, despite only one original member. Set opener 'The King Will Come’ from 1972’s landmark 'Argus’ opus amply highlights Ash’s once pioneering twin lead guitar harmonies, complemented by twin lead vocal harmonies. 'Blowin’ Free’ thumps along with its mid tempo boogie. The mid-set medley culled from highlights of the first two albums is stuffed with uplifting moments and gorgeous guitar exchanges.

Dave Atkinson, www.getreadytorock.com (November 2012)

...a crisply performed jaunt down memory lane

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (November 2012)

Recorded live on a 48-track digital mobile, the band delivered a fine, guitar-driven rocking performance...

Bev Bevan, Bevan's Heaven, Sunday Mercury (December 2012)

This album focuses, as usual, on the Argus album with plenty of other classics thrown in, including a five-song medley that sprints through pieces like 'Blind Eye' and 'Phoenix'.

It's all superb stuff with great dual guitar work from Powell and Roger Filgate. Bassist Tony Kishman's McCartney-esque lead vocals are also used to excellent effect, and overall the harmonies are first rate.

Classic Rock Society (Jan 2013)

...the band's twin-guitar-driven rock brand is still strong enough 40-something years on to flourish in any of the line-ups...they get an audible kick out of playing the four tracks from Argus, and an extended medley of the first two albums.

Classic Rock (March 2013)

Andy Powell was the only surviving member when this album was recorded with Swiss precision...The new band - guitarist Roger Filgate, basstst Tony Kishman and drummer Mtke Sturgis - cope well in the unforgiving digital glare.

Clasic Rock magazine (February 2013)



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