VARIOUS – The Best of Homegrown Music 1968-1980

£12.99 (GBP)
VARIOUS The Best of Homegrown Music 1968-1980


1. Path Through The Forest FACTORY 1968
2. Sea Song FIVE DAY RAIN 1971
3. Don’t Ask Why ONE WAY TICKET 1975
4. Baby I Still Love You CANDY 1980
5. Can’t Stop Me Dancing ONE WAY TICKET 1976
6. Gone FACTORY 1968
7. Fall Out FIVE DAY RAIN 1971
8. You Know ONE WAY TICKET 1976
9. Red Chalk Hill FACTORY 1969
10. Its Too Late ONE WAY TICKET 1975
11. Good Year FIVE DAY RAIN 1971
12. Try A Little Sunshine FACTORY 1969
13. Marie’s A Woman FIVE DAY RAIN 1971
14. Mr Lacy FACTORY 1969
15. Lusty Eyes ONE WAY TICKET 1975
16. Don’t Be Mislead FIVE DAY RAIN 1970
17. Caribbean Way LLOYD MILLER 1977
18. Too Much Of Nothing FIVE DAY RAIN 1971
19. So Many Ways ONE WAY TICKET 1975
20. Soul In A Box JAC PACK 1979
21. Take A Ride ONE WAY TICKET 1975
22. Rough Cut Marmalade FIVE DAY RAIN 1971












BRIAN CARROLL started out in the music business as an office boy for the New Musical Express back in 1962 and quickly moved to TRANSATLANTIC RECORDS where he developed his production skills working with GUS DUGGEN.

He then moved to the infamous IBCSTUDIOS, London where he teamed up with DAMON LYON SHAW and quickly formed JOINT PRODUCTIONS (which very soon became HOMEGROWN MUSIC when certain ‘oldies’ in the record business thought the name had something to do with an illegal drug that was about to change the youth of the day).

The duo recorded their first band FACTORY and the track ‘Path Through The Forrest’ originally released on MGM is now much sought after and changes hands at £650.

Over the next decade plus a number of groups/artist were recorded and produced by Homegrown including the much sought after tracks by FIVE DAY RAIN which also change hands at £500 today (‘Sea Song’)

Brian has put together this compilation, written the sleeve notes and produced the track by track notations.


...if you don't have the Factory and Five Day Rain stuff already, go and grab this... Shindig magazine (August 2010)
Angel Air Records, like they've done so often in the past, have done a bang up job putting together this compilation of long lost treasures...if you're a fan of somewhat obscure British classic and progressive rock, then this one is definitely worth checking out. (October 2010)



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