THE KORGIS – Something About The Beatles

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THE KORGIS - Something About The Beatles


1. Something About The Beatles
2. It All Comes Down To You
3.Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime





THE KORGIS enjoyed worldwide success with HIT singles such as ‘If I Had You’ (UK Number 13) and ‘Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime’ (UK Number 5)

The unique sound of The Korgis is once again portrayed on the single ‘Something About The Beatles’ which was recorded during April 2006.

JAMES WARREN who co wrote the song said ‘The song is a bittersweet meditation on the loss of innocence that followed the fantastic creativity and optimism of the Summer Of Love’

‘Why did the apple fall to the ground? Where have all the flowers gone? Who fired the shotgun when love was all around? Where we only sleeping? I don’t know. But I do know Something About The Beatles’


If the Korgis were called something different, like, say, Squeeze, Crowded House or Tears For Fears might they have enjoyed the success they deserved? There's just something comical about their chosen moniker which perhaps means it's hard to take them that seriously.

Which is a shame, because Something About The Beatles is a dreamy, wistful meditation on the 60s, innocence lost and The Beatles (of course) which deserves a wider audience than it undoubtedly will receive.

Given that this is the band which enjoyed a brief flirtation with the singles charts with the gorgeous Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime, it's no surprise that their newest single sports a marshmallow soft chorus which will lodge inside your mind in seconds. ***

Ian Harvey

...the song makes full use of great melodies and harmonies...this track stands out from many of the other new releases

Evening Echo (July 2006)

Super-slick pop that brings to mind the Bee Gees at their melodic harmonious best. The chorus is simply sweet and totally irresistible.

Hartlepool Mail (August 2006)



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