SWEET Sweetlife

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SWEET Sweetlife


1. Sweetlife
2. Do It All Over Again
3. Everything
4. Leap Of Faith
5. You’re Crazy
6. Never Say Forever
7. Airheads!
8. So Far So Good
9. Everybody wants To Be Someone
10. Neon Psychedelia
11. Sweetlife Overunderture








“Sweetlife” was a landmark release for SWEET back in 2002 as the album’s tracks were written by ANDY SCOTT and STEVE GRANT (who had worked in the past as record producer and songwriter for Alan Price, Alvin Lee and Eric Burdon) and it re-established the band as a driving force in rock across Europe.

The track “Do It All Over Again” was chosen as the single and it gained the band a new generation of followers especially in Germany.

In the views of many critics who reviewed the album on its original release it stands well alongside the classic album “Level Headed”.



Although it's possibly not quite as sparkling and attention grabbing as '...Answer', 'Sweetlife' does still ably demonstrate what fine versions of this band Andy Scott has put together over the years. If you've heard their most recent studio effort, 'New York Connection', you'll know it's a knack he's retained to this very day.

Fireworks magazine (June 2014)

Undoubtedly the best track of the album, 'Leap Of Faith' is a power ballad with a killer tune and a refrain to match it all (here, Scott takes over on lead vocal duties). Although pretty darn close to this side of schmaltzy, one can't deny that it is an exceptionally well-crafted song whose overall harmonious layers and the sensible use of keys and strings turn it into a little masterpiece.

Music-News (May 2014)

It may look like the group started following their own followers, 'Everybody Wants To Be Someone' melding big riffs and non-English proverbs to nervous vocals and 'Everything' treading the power ballad waters, albeit with grace, while 'Never Say Forever' loses its defiance to the arena bravado which nicely dissolves in a six-string romance.

But Jeff Brown's voice on the quasi-operatic 'You're Crazy' sounds magnificent as does his bass that, together with Bruce Bisland's heavy drums, perforate Steve Grant's piano and the leader's sharp chords, and 'Airheads!' taps into the classic glamour by effectively rewriting the 'All The Young Dudes' anthemity.

The old SWEET's sensitivity seeps slightly through 'Neon Psychedelia' yet its chest-beating may be too exhibitionist to many a fan whose joy should be based on the fact that their heroes are still at it.

DMME.net (May 2014)

If you've long thought that the career of Sweet went into the abyss in the early 1980s, you really are missing out on a few really strong releases, and Sweetlife is certainly near the top of that list. Kudos to Angel Air for putting this one out there once again.

Sea Of Tranquillity (March 2014)

Another enjoyable Sweet album, successfully mixing their 70's sound with a more melodic rock direction, making this album one for music fans who may think of the Sweet only as a glam rock band (and more fool them!).

Get Ready to ROCK! (March 2014)



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