STRAY Valhalla

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STRAY Valhalla


1. Move A Mountain
2. Dirt Finger
3. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
4. Free At last
5. Harry Farr
6. Skin
7. Double Six
8. Ghostwriter
9. Sing (The Song)
10. Rain Day Blues
11. 24/7
12. You







STRAY have in the minds of a number of critics who have reviewed ‘Valhalla’, cut their best ever album. Produced by Chris Tsangarides (Gary Moore, Lizzy, and Sabbath) the songs are given a powerful hard rock edge and are a testimonial to a band that has been around for 40 years.

Del Bromham has morphed over the years into a confident and entertaining front man with both striking and individual vocal duties and his renowned guitar pyrotechnics.

As Get Ready to ROCK! put it ‘Valhalla’ is an album that “showcases both Del’s strengths singularly and the bands abrasive style collectively and unlike just about anyone else from his era ‘Valhalla’ has dragged the bands 70’s rooted brand name into the 21st century with plenty to spare”.



The roots of the band are preserved while adding a new hard rock sound... (October 2010)
...pure, unadulterated hard rock (October 2010) incredible collection of catchy up to the minute material... (October 2010)
...Valhalla features twelve scorching tracks played by musicians who put many a contemporary hard rock band to shame... (October 2010)
...this disc just might be their best one to date...the songs are killer, the production is great, and Del and the boys are definitely firing on all cylinders. (October 2010)
Mature playing, mature issues addressed in lyrics, mature production with space for the material to breathe... (November 2010)
Combining unique melodies and arrangements with hard rock licks... (November 2010)
...a polished and musicianly package. Kevin Bryan, Kidderminster Shuttle (November 2010)
There's always a danger that a 'vintage' band coming back for another shot at glory will end up more like your dad dancing at a wedding than a slick rocker, but with 'Valhalla' Stray have proven they can still throw shapes with the best of them Fireworks (December 2010)
... While some may call Valhalla a comeback record, if anything I think it proves that there is still quite a bit of gas left in the tank, because this disc just might be their best one to date ... ... Chock full of Bromham's trademark guitar riffs and wah wah drenched solos... certainly feels like everything fell into place this time around because the songs are killer, the production is great and Del and the boys are definitely firing on all cylinders. (January 2011)
The finished product is well worth an hour or so of anyone's time... Kevin Bryan, various regional papers (January 2011)
...impressive return to form. It has passion, fire, intensity and anger... Classic Rock magazine (March 2011)
Valhalla is the new album by the longtime running certainly sounds fresh and fits into the 21st century with its modern production and comparatively grinding rhythms. It's a rocking effort, from start to finish, and one that should please any fan of classic, hard rock. Avi Shaked, Maelstrom ezine (2010)



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