STRAY New Dawn/Alive And Giggin’

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STRAY New Dawn/Alive And Giggin'


CD1 ‘New Dawn’
1. Dawn Rising
2. New Dawn
3. No Future
4. Dangerous Games
5. Maybe You Want Me
6. Trouble
7. The Man In My Head
8. White Knuckle Fever
9. Further To Fall
10. Rock Steady
11. Jimijam
12. I Want More
13. In The Name Of God
CD2 ‘Alive And Giggin’
1. Leave It Down To Us
2. Fire And Glass
3. After the Storm
4. Take A Life
5. Jericho
6. I Believe It
7. Mister Wind
8. Buying Time
9. Running Wild
10. All In Your Mind

‘New Dawn’ was STRAY’s first studio album for 20 years and succinctly showcases guitarists DEL BROMHAM’s songs. ‘Alive And Giggin’ marked the third fresh start for Stray and their first in their new very successful power trio format which now plays live all over Europe.

To promote both albums Stray undertook two world tours with IRON MAIDEN and LESLIE WEST’S MOUNTAIN.

The albums are intrinsically linked combining hard rock with the stylistic diversity that confused some critics back in the 70’s when some saw Stray as the new Zeppelin.

Remastered with new sleeve notes Angel Air release both albums as a 2CD set. Play loud and enjoy classic rock music.



Funky bass lines, choppy rhythms and cheerful avoidance of formula create both studio and live CDs that keeps interest all the way through. (May 2010)
Angel Air's 2 CD set of these two rarely heard rock albums are a good chance to catch up on the Stray legacy. (May 2010)
From the grand opening of "Dawn Rising" and the subsequent title track through the catchy "Maybe You Want Me" to material like the melodic 60's pop/70's rock hybrid of "The Man In My Head" and the excellent chugging hard rocker "No Future". In short, there's more than enough quality to remind not only of Stray's appeal but their variety too. Making this reissue even more enticing is the coupling with a live recording of similar vintage as "New Dawn". Offering some familiar Stray you are reminded of perhaps why there was, and indeed still is, a demand for the band's return. 3.5/5 Bill Leslie, (May 2010)
New Dawn presents progressive pop with a focus on Bromham's tasty guitar licks while Alive And Giggin' presents the band playing live in England in 1996... (June 2010)
All in all I find the live album most interesting; and the studio disc is a piece of Brit rock history (June 2010)
...a must have for fans everywhere...provides a trademark 'in your face' live gig and a solid return to studio recording. Jeff Perkins, Eurorock (June 2010)
Deadly riffs keep pouring out throughout this release... (September 2010)



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