STONE THE CROWS Radio Sessions 1969-72

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STONE THE CROWS Radio Sessions 1969-72


CD1 – 1969-1970
1. Raining In Your Heart
2. Touch Of Your Loving Hand
3. Freedom Road
4. Hollis Brown
5. Raining In Your Heart
6. Friend
7. Mad Dogs & Englishmen
8. Love 74
9. Things Are Getting Better
CD2 – 1971-1972
1. Faces
2. Let It Down
3. Big Jim Salter
4. Keep on Rolling
5. Goin’ Down
6. On The Highway
7. Mr Wizard
8. Good Time Girl
9. Penicillin Blues
10. On The Highway

STONE THE CROWS with MAGGIE BELL on lead vocals ruled the live scene in both UK and Europe during a small but very important number of years -1969-1972 which the pivotal date was May 1972 when guitarist LESLE HARVEY was tragically electrocuted on stage during a sound check at The Swanage Ballroom. All tracks feature Les except last three on CD2 which were recorded after Les’s death with JIMMY McCULLOUGH on guitar who left the band in 1973 when he got an offer to join WINGS.

Following the bands disintegration in 1973 Maggie recorded a number of acclaimed solo albums, formed in the 80′s MIDNIGHT FLYER as well as forming The BRITISH BLUES QUINTET recently. Maggie to this day is continually performing live either as a solo artist or as part of BBQ.

This 2CD set brings together all the bands radio sessions from different shows over that period



Two different STC line-ups and each with their own air of authority, creativity and of course, soul. Disc 1 has the formidable vocal pairing of Maggie Bell and the late great Jimmy Dewar, next to be vocalist in Robin Trower's trio...Stone The Crows were fabulous live, as I can attest. Very powerful and bluesy, yet up with the nascent prog rockers for musical skill and adventure...The last three tracks on CD2 include both new bassist Steve Thompson and guitar man Jimmy McCullough-probably eating his last bacon sandwiches before joining Wings' strict regime?

Blues Matters (October 2015)

For gutsy blues music you'll need to go a long way to hear someone better than Stone The Crows

Martin Hutchinson, The Bolton News (May 2009)

...these 19 tracks come together as the fullest collection spanning the whole of the Glaswegian finest's existence and presenting each of their line-ups. ***** (June 2009)

This 2 CD set brings together all the band's radio sessions from different shows...

Classic Rock Society (June 2009)

There isn't one ounce of filler to be found anywhere on these two discs...

Ryan Sparks, Classic Rock Revisted (June 2009)

This 2 CD collection contains a number of radio sessions throughout the band's career, with disc 1 covering 1969-'70 and disc 2 1971- '72. As you would expect from a collection like this, there are a couple of tracks that are repeated but this takes nothing away from the quality of the performances.

The CD's accompanying booklet contains comprehensive notes from the band’s drummer Colin Allen. ****/5

Nikk Gunns, (June 2009)

...brings together all the extant radio sessions...Fine performances of songs such as 'Penicillin Blues', 'On the Highway' and 'Raining In Your Heart' are given an airing alongside a typically muscular cover of Dylan's 'Ballad Of Hollis Brown'.

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (July 2009)

The first CD and the first tracks on the second are the prime exhibits here, featuring the band's original lineup. (October 2009)



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