STACKRIDGE – Extravaganza

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Stackridge - Extravaganza


1. Spin Round The Room
2. Grease Paint Smiles
3. The Volunteer
4. Highbury Incident
5. Benjamin’s Giant Onion
6. Happy In The Lord
7. Rufus T Firefly
8. No Ones More Important Than The Earthworm
9. Pocket Billiards
10. Who’s That Up There With Bill Stokes?








Hard work rarely brings its reward, whether in everyday life or music. That must have been how Stackridge felt in 1974.

After gigging solidly (300 plus gigs a year for three years) while recording three albums, three singles and at the same time shoe-horning in appearances on The Old Grey Whistle Test, the John Peel Show and Radio 1 In Concert, they found themselves, in the words of inimitable singer/flautist Mutter Slater, ‘becalmed and frustrated’.

All hopes were now pinned on the January 1975 release of ‘Extravaganza’ which was being released on the newly formed Rocket Record label -a happening place to be for one of England’s then brightest young bands.

Sounds on publishing a review of the CD in early 1975 wrote ‘Don’t ignore something too good to be missed.

Stackridge are back. And ‘happy days are here again’.



...their sterling efforts this time yielded beguilingly memorable tracks...Excellent stuff.

Kevin Bryan, Hartlepool Mail (April 2007)

It follows a similar idiosyncratic and distinctive approach to their earlier work, although with a more focused form of madness...

Rock n Reel (May 2007)

...there was much more to this jesterly West Country bunch than an anarchic stretching of the boundaries of folk into Old Grey Whistle Test impossible hybrid of jazz-rock and folk, though the CD retains much of the festival-friendly frolics that came as part of the original package.

Record Collector (May 2007)

As surprising as it may sound, here are comedy character vignettes worthy (and reminiscent) of Ian Dury, and a bouncy playfulness that blends music-hall tinkling, cod reggae brass and easy interludes to bring to mind The Buzzcocks, Zappa and even Madness

Derek Hammond, Record Collector (April 2007)

'an exceptionally well-formed and functioning band with a grasp of their musical history and an ability to craft songs that pulled together an eclectic albeit potentially commercial collection of musical strands.

Danny Moore, Rock&Reel (April 2007)

Desperate recklessness could be the motivation for this record yet its motif is as jolly as it gets...a different kind of gem.

Let It Rock (April 2007)

This likeable outfit continued to mine the same rich vein of peculiarly English musical eccentricity which had won them so many friends in previous years

Kevin Bryan, Mid-Sussex Chronicle (May 2007)

...more professional musically, if lacking in off-the-wall inspiration...

Maverick (October 2007)

Wild, wacky and wonderful, this 1975 set is best described as Stackridge's answer to Sgt. Pepper, as written by Monty Python, while simultaneously channelling the Gershwins...

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (November 2007)



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