RAY RUSSELL – The Composer’s Cut

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Ray Russell - The Composer's Cut


1. Plain Jane Suite Plain Jane ITV
2. Diamond Geezer Diamond Geezer ITV Yorkshire 2005
3. Love Again Love Again BBC TV 2003
4. A Bit Of A Do A Bit Of A Do ITV Yorkshire
5. Precious Blood Suite The Precious Blood BBC 2
6. Frost “The Appendix Man” A Touch Of Frost
ITV Yorkshire 1995
7. Grafters Grafters ITV 1994
8. Near Death Experience A Touch Of Frost
ITV Yorkshire 2004
9. Angelo Suite The House Of Angelo
Hallmark Films 1988
10. My Wonderful Life My Wonderful Life BBC TV 1989
11. Alleyn Suite The Alleyn Mysteries BBC TV 1986
12. The Quest Suite The Quest ITV Yorkshire 2003/4
13. Dangerous Lady Suite Dangerous Lady
ITV/ Warner Sisters
14. Capitol Hill/ Salute Remembering 911
Firstcom / BMG 2003
15. Stay Lucky Stay Lucky ITV Yorkshire 1985
16. Frost “Private Lives” A Touch Of Frost
ITV Yorkshire 2000
17. Madigral Madrigal ITV 1982
18. The Jump The Jump ITV / Warne Sisters
19. The Blue Room The Blues Firstcom / BMG 1989
20. Down Among The Big Boys Down
Among The Big Boys BBC Scotland
21. Lion Queen The Lion Queen Survival / ITV


RAY RUSSELL is a star in the eyes of musicians across the world. Over four decades JOHN BARRY, TINA TURNER, PHIL SPECTOR, VAN MORRISON, ART GARFUNKEL, BRYAN FERRY, JACK BRUCE, CAT STEVENS, PHIL COLLINS, ALEX HARVEY, GEORGIE FAME, CLIFF RICHARD, MAGGIE BELL, FRANKIE MILLER are but a few of the artists and producers who have known that Ray would add something special to their work.

A lesser known side of Ray’s work shows that from ‘A Bit Of A Do’ to ‘A Touch Of Frost’, many of UK televisions best loved shows are uplifted by Ray’s music and his compositions.

Original TV themes from a man who is content that the World outside music knows his work, without necessarily knowing him. This release from Angel Air hopefully will change all that.


Largely orchestrated, or with keyboards, while others are more jazzy or blues; the tracks are often moody and atmospheric. Music appears here from shows including Frost, Plain Jane, Diamond Geezer, A Bit Of A Do, My Wonderful Life, Remembering 911, The Quest and others...Well packaged and annotated. ***

Joe Geesin, www.getreadytorock.com (April 2006)

...marvelous tracks, the majority of which combines classical music and jazz influences into subtle, gentle movements; one is plainly witty ("A Bit of a Do"); and a few others, such as the bluesy "The Blue Room," provide a wider glance into Russell's all-around musical territories.

Maelstrom (June 2006)

There are 21 different pieces here...show the diversity of his work

Feedback (July 2006)

Take a trip down memory lane with this collection of TV themes that have all been blessed with the magical musical touch of Ray Russell.

Hartlepool Mail (July 2006)

It's an impressive body of work spanning the period 1982 to 2005 and the sheer variety of melody and sounds in this collection confirms Ray Russell as one of the foremost UK composers working in television.

George Geddes, Pipeline (August 2006)



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