MIKE HURST Producers Archives Volume 3

£12.99 (GBP)
MIKE HURST Producers Archives Volume 3


1. The ALAN BOWN ‘All Along The Watchtower’ 1968
2. The CYMBALINE ‘Can You Hear Me?’ 1966
3. The APPALACHIANS ‘Look Away’ 1966
4. FORCE WEST ‘Like The Tide’ 1968
5. SHAKIN STEVENS ‘I Don’t Want No Other Baby’ 1978
6. WARM SOUNDS ‘Sticks And Stones’ 1968
7. MURRAY HEAD ‘She Was Perfection’ 1967
8. MURRAY HEAD ‘Second-hand Monday’ 1967
9. The MAJORITY ‘Simplified’ 1966
10. The ALAN BOWN ‘My Girl The Month Of May’
never before released 1968
11. DOUBLE FEATURE ‘Handbags & Gladrags’ 1967
12. CAT STEVENS ‘Twinkie’ never before released 1968
13. MIKE HURST & MIKE D’ABO ‘Going Going One’ 1966
14. MIKE HURST ‘The Banjo Song’ 1964
15. CILLA BLACK ‘Opening Night’ 1977
16. CILLA BLACK ‘I Couldn’t Make My Mind Up’ 1977
17. NIRVANA ‘Christopher Lucifer’ 1968
18. BRUCE WOOLLEY ‘Clean, Clean’ 1979
19. BRUCE WOOLLEY ‘You Got Class’ 1979











MIKE HURST is a living legend in popular music for both finding and producing new talent (CAT STEVENS, SHOWADDYWADDY, SHAKIN STEVENS) as well as through his production companies over the years producing a vast array of varied musical gems which have become the soundtrack to peoples lives in the 60’s,70’s and 80’s.

Mike has been back in the studio going through his old masters and for Volume 3 of the Angel Air series has unearthed some real gems including a never before released track from CAT STEVENS ‘Twinkie’ which was written and recorded back in 1968 for an aborted film soundtrack-an essential buy for Cat’s legion of fans.

Also included is the original version of ‘Handbags & Gladrags’ as recorded by MIKE HURST & MIKE D’ABO back in 1967


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